01.24.2010 01:14 AM

I Can Die Now

So here’s SFH tonight at the Bovine, taken by Dan G-Man. I sucked, but the rest of the guys were pretty awesome.

Ritalin Boy, Winkie, Davey Snot, Rayman.

So, afterwards, Cam Carpenter tells me Tommy Stinson – currently of Guns’n’Roses, but formerly of the band that saved my life, the Replacements – was there. And liked us.

Sure, Cam.

And, you know what? It was true. Tommy Friggin’ Stinson was there. And, before he helped me sell SFH T-shirts for Haiti on the Queen West sidewalk, we posed for this shot, taken by his gal.

I can die, now. Tommy Stinson. Holy God.

Me and Tommy Stinson, aglow.

UPDATE: And nearly $1,000 was raised for Red Cross Haiti relief!

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