02.07.2010 03:11 PM

My New Gig

…well, a side gig, anyway. I’m one of the columnists for the new Canadian edition of Campaigns and Elections magazine. More here:

The Canadian Editorial Advisory Board, in development, currently includes Canadian political notables Anie Perrault, John Capobianco, Robin Sears, and Don Guy. Included in the growing list of regular contributors will be Warren Kinsella, President of Daisy Consulting Group, who will provide readers with insight on the challenges and decision making during campaigns in his column titled “In the War Room,” as well as Brett Bell, Principal of Grassroots Online, who will enlighten readers about online campaigning and social media in modern politics with his column “Open Source.”

I now expect all of you will run out and get a subscription. Or two or three. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

UPDATE: The Globe notices.

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