02.11.2010 09:07 AM

Power Play Feb. 11: Anne for Mayor

In this, the second-to-last Power Play strategists’ segment for a while – CTV is understandably turning its attention to the Olympics starting tomorrow – we dissect the Giambrone stuff. I opine that we all make mistakes (I’ve made plenty, and will make more).

The really interesting on-air encounter happened later, when I did Evan Solomon’s CBC show (no link, sorry) with my Dipper friend Brian Topp (and be sure to buy and read Brian’s upcoming book, by the way, here). Brian is a genius, basically.

Anyway, on Evan’s show, I said that every smart campaign team sits down with their candidate, well in advance of the campaign, and says to him or her: “Okay. Now is the time to tell us all that needs to be told. Because your affinity for sports team mascots will come out. So tell us now, so we can deal with it proactively.”

And Brian – to my surprise, and clearly Evan’s – insisted that that was done, and that Adam Giambrone in effect lied to his senior strategists. He told them there was nothing to tell. (This Globe story suggests the same thing.)

Is that true? If so, Adam’s former team have plenty to be mad about. If it isn’t the case, then…well.

I suspect we’ll never know. In the meantime, here’s Power Play:

Tonda and I chat. The top of my head, meanwhile, grows menacingly at the top of the screen.

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