03.12.2010 04:48 PM

The Hot Nasties?

Apropos of nothing, it was the name of a porn film, and it was also the name of a band I happened to be in. Just saw this page a fella did up on us. (And the NME, no less, takes note.)

Here’s a link to one of our tunes, I Am A Confused Teenager (and I am, still).

Plus, as an added bonus, here’s a shot of us, as on our little extended play.  Left to right: Nuclear Age, Wayne Sane Ahern, Ras Pierre Schenk and Just Plain Tom Edwards.  Tom’s a monk or something now.

Christ, am I ever old.

Wink, Sane Wayne, Ugly Ras Pierre, Tom. Outside the Calgarian Hotel, c. 1979.

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