04.28.2010 10:17 PM

If you care about lobbying, watch this clip

…personally, I found it painful to watch. ¬†There’s only so much gray hair, wrinkles and male pattern baldness I can take at a single sitting. ¬†Particularly when it’s on me.

Wendy, however, looked smashing, comme toujours.  Link here, at about 31 minutes or so.

“Hi! Let me lobby you in front of this nice Yorkville sandwich shop.”


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    Elizabeth says:

    That was very informative! Looking forward to more. I knew nothing about lobbyists in Canada until Jaffer, and learned a lot more today.
    You looked cold; I don’t know why they interview people outside like that. Why not indoors, and a longer interview?

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    MJH says:

    My forehead is growing taller too. It think it makes us look more intelligent!

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