04.03.2010 05:56 AM

In the i-line

I’m in a line-up with about 20 hardcore Apple nuts at the Galleria Mall in Buffalo. There are actually two line-ups – one for losers like me, who didn’t “reserve” an iPad, and one line-up for losers who did.

A guy beside me, an engineer, asked a guy in the reserved line why he was lined up three hours before the store opens, and the guy shrugged and said: “Now we’re guaranteed guaranteed.”

I have fully, completely stepped into The Land of the Nerdlings. God help me.


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    Greg says:

    Go with Jobs, my son. Go with Jobs.

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    Robert K. says:


    Are you conducting some sort of social experiment by driving to the US only to stand in line for someting that is likely to be available here without too much hassle in a few short weeks?

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