04.15.2010 06:40 AM

The Toronto Star fully debases itself


Next up: the Star’s award-winning series on who got an abortion in the GTA yesterday, unplanned pregnancies amongest its readership, and who lost their virginity to whom.


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    smelter rat says:

    Perhaps the sister deserves your scorn more than the Star

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    Eugene Parks says:

    “Guergis’s sister and campaign manager… says”

    How distasteful is this… Unfortunately the fact check required here is even more distasteful to do. i.e. when in the last year was the minister twice hospitalized… and no, I don’t want to go there but if one is going to publish such things, they have to do that check. Her camp’s word is not good enough.

    … and now confirmed, this story is from Guergis’ camp; they put it out there… and if true, Mr. Kinsella’s characterization of its publication is spot on.

    distasteful “journalism” this story is

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      Jason Hickman says:

      It looks like the Star is following up on the story WK linked to yesterday. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the “Guergis camp … put it out there” at first instance – for all we know, the local paper could’ve been relying on any number of sources/gossip, although it’s certainly possible that the story came from the “Guergis camp”.

      Still, the point is that the sister, or any family member, can say whatever they want to whomever they want. The decision to treat what she says as “news” is made by reporters, editors and publishers.

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        Eugene Parks says:

        It’s not news, unless the story is untrue. And if untrue, this is still bad journalism.

        She is alleged to have hung out with hookers and cocaine dealers, and used government resources for personal benefit.

        The rest of the story is either deflection or profoundly none of our business. Unfortunately, her camp elevated personal matters for public debate, which was in bad taste on their part – and the tactic doesn’t address the allegations at hand.

        The Harper team is once again dragging us through matters we should not be involved in.

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    Sandra says:

    Tacky, tacky, tacky all around – when actually the airport scene isn’t really the issue anymore.

    Her sister should be ashamed of herself.

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    Tony Veltri says:

    Would any of this topic be different if Helena had come out right after the airport incident and raised the matter herself as to why she might have had her “tantrum?”

    And to make it darker, we have Eugene on here throwing out the possibility it might not even be true. Man, the only thing this story’s missing now is the rock and roll. I don’t count stripper dance tunes.

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    Elizabeth says:

    It sounds as if a local paper in Ontario wrote the story, based on what her sister told them? But – whatever, the Star should not have picked it up in that way. If this keeps up, her mother is going to have another heart attack.

    I always wonder how much her enemies in the Con party have to do with it.

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    nastyboy says:

    Even if the sister gave them the story, they didn’t have to publish it. There’s more than enough shame to go around.

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    Steve says:

    The Star seems to have merely put forward the “spin” from the Guergis Clan fawners and retainers.

    The Star and The Globe should be thanked for lifting the rock and exposing the Tory political incest, back-scratching and log-rolling that have been going on in Simcoe-Grey.

    Let’s see what the voters there do about it in the next election.

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    Tceh says:

    OK we are beyond what Guergis and Jaffer did or didn’t do. Lets look at the perception and reality of Harper’s reaction.

    According to the CBC, Harper is saying one thing and doing another. The Ethics Commissioner has does NOT have a request from the PMO to look into the many and varied activities of Guergis. If an opposition MP was in the same position as the ex-Conservative MP I doubt Harper would be so soft and lovable.


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      Tceh says:

      More information and a theory:

      From the “Office of the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner” Media Centre website:

      “April 12, 2010—Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson has received a letter from the Prime Minister’s Office about the former Minister of State for the Status of Women, Helena Guergis. The Prime Minister has also contacted the RCMP.

      Based on the information the Commissioner has at this time, she is not in a position to proceed with an inquiry under the Conflict of Interest Code for Members of the House of Commons or an examination under the Conflict of Interest Act, but she will continue to monitor the situation.

      Should the RCMP investigate, the Commissioner would be required, under section 29 of the Code or section 49 of the Act, to suspend any inquiry or examination.”

      It looks as though the ethics commissioner cannot investigate MP misconduct once the investigation becomes a RCMP matter. This is convenient for the Conservatives because a long and protracted police investigation is exactly what will take this matter off the front burner. No need to prorogue this time. Just bury the matter until media attention focuses elsewhere.

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    Brian says:

    If today’s Star story on #bustyhookers is any indication, this isn’t going off the front burner for a very long time, no matter how many Mounties are involved.

    It’s actually reached the point where I’m thinking parts of it just seem to be plain unbelievable.


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    Connoisseur says:

    Same story in the Alliston paper, and the fact that Helena hired the same lawyer who defended Rahim.

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    Mulletaur says:

    Rehabilitation of a reputation always starts with sympathy. It may be a bit too early for that. The sister probably thought she was doing her sibling a good turn.

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    Fraternite says:

    I agree with Mulletaur; in fact, I bet her sister wouldn’t have said anything like this without Helena’s explicit consent. Hell, this is probably Helena’s idea.

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