04.04.2010 10:01 AM

W@AL: the Party Animal reveals all

Over the years, I’ve heard some wonderful stories from CTV drivers about having to pick up guests and on-air personalities who were, well, a bit in the bag. They’d been up really really late, or partying, doing what journalists on expense accounts like to do, and they’d almost miss their pick-up time, or look like a sack of shinola, or both.

Anyway: this morning, I was awoken by someone loudly knocking on my door. “Your CTV driver is here! Wake up!” they said. You’ve never seen a guy get dressed that fast.

Here’s a little video done in the car, post-Question Period, in which I confess what it was that kept me up so late.  It’s shocking.


  1. Bill says:

    Hi Warren, just saw you on QP.

    It seems that the LPC seems to focus on the peripheral items of the day and refuse to take on the great meme of Harper as good economic steward.

    Why doesn’t the LPC focus more on destroying that illusion? Harper was the guy who said, on the campaign trail, that if we were going to have a recession, it would have happened already….even while the US election was being fought on the biggest downturn since the 30’s….how is that good economic management?

    His Finance Minster then fails to deliver any stimulus in the Nov, 2008 economic update after having been to a G20 meeting where they recommended it…again how is that good economic management?

    Last December, he says over 90+% of the stimulus funds have been committed and a couple of weeks back, the right leaning Fraser Institute says the stimulus funds had little impact in 2009…..once again, it was the private sector and not the EAP that contributed the lion’s share of recovery.

    Why isn’t Harper being pressed on exactly how many jobs are being created with this EAP? His own number were revised up to and additional 250K from 220K in the June update I believe…….well why isn’t he forced to account for these jobs in light of the Fraser Institute report?

    At the Canada150 conference, Mr. Ignatieff said delay corporate tax cuts until we can afford him and the next day a poll citing leading corporate executives agree with him in principle but nobody trumpets this. Why not?

    Things like the Afghan detainee affair and Ministerial ineptness are issues but they are peripheral and value based issues. The economy is issue number one and Harper and his bunch can easily be knocked on it.

    Say something once and people can dismiss it. Say it 1,000 times and it becomes conventional wisdom.

    Happy Easter!

  2. Eugene Parks says:

    re downloading classics: one imagined you would download the bible so you could take the iPad to mass on Easter, to permanently establish your techno geekness in a not quite socially acceptable way.

    as for Ulysses, I’m with you on that one, it is now at the top of my must read list and I’m looking forward to it.

  3. Elizabeth says:

    Your youtube link doesn’t work. Could be my mac laptop.

  4. Friend of a Friend says:

    No wonder the puff factor (hair) is so high today

  5. Meagan says:

    hahahah I’ve slept late because of TEDtalks, Sun Tsu and Faust.

    There is far worse that could happen anyways. The way I see things, it hardly counts as ‘fashionably’ late if you’re bleary-eyed and reek of booze. Far preferable is to be well-read, and slightly less put-together than usual.


  6. Brian says:

    CTV gives you a *driver*?

    Oh, how Ministerial. 😉

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