05.05.2010 12:35 PM

Bosh Watch Tweet

This makes me super depressed.  Shoot me now, someone.

Slowly but surely, Chris Bosh is giving Toronto the kiss-off, and causing a minor Twitterquake in the process.

The Raptors’ all-star forward – at least, that’s his designation until July 1, when the NBA declares open season on players out of contract – changed his location from Toronto to “Everywhere” on his Twitter account, and removed a biography section that noted his status as Raptors captain. Meantime, his website was listed as down for maintenance on Tuesday morning.


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    Liam says:

    Perhaps I’ve just moved past you on the process of grieving, but I’m also not sure I felt so strongly about it in the first place.

    Raptors fan though I am, Bosh has pretty well burned some bridges behind him for a while now, and this is just the latest. For someone who supposedly has such a keen sense for his own image, I find it impossible that he didn’t see the impression he has been giving out in interviews and online for the last couple months. It felt like someone playing out the string, even before the season was decided, and these latest moves/changes/tweets just show that he seems to have decided to not even pretend to hold any special place in his heart for returning to Toronto, and I kinda now feel the same way. Feels kinda like a dick move, to be frank. And I don’t feel like reserving any sympathy until given reason (through re-signing or other goodwill on his part) to do so.

    He was a good guy while he was here, a good character guy, said most of the right things, tried hard say 75% of the time (which in Raptors superstar terms is WAY above the norm), but one can also look at this number: 3.

    That’s total playoff wins in Bosh’s entire tenure as a Raptor. And that’s not series. That’s individual games. Granted, that number probably won’t rise anytime soon if he doesn’t re-up, but hell, it also can’t really go any farther down.

    Sometimes change is good.

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      Warren says:

      True enuf, and true that he seemed to be phoning it in before the battery of injuries befell him, etc. But I can’t see any of the rest of the squad stepping up to fill the role he has played – Calderon, maybe. But Bosh gave the whole enterprise a magic quality. I’ll miss him. And I wager he’ll miss being Number One in canada, too.

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        Liam says:

        Oh, I absolutely agree that no one will step up and fill in. Especially not on the roster behind him as it stands – if they were going to do that, the last Sunday game against Chicago would have been a good time, let alone next season minus their franchise player and zero expectations. Calderon in particular seems to have lost a step and a couple gears of passion since his usurping of Ford a couple years ago. Bargnani might have the best chance, but his inconsistency and mental dithering is legendary at this point. And the Turkoglu deal just looks like a bust now. But hopefully they can get something for Bosh in a sign and trade, even sixty cents on the dollar, talent-wise.

        And I also agree that Bosh himself is going to miss the status he enjoyed here. Grass’ greenness qualities aside, it’ll take him about six weeks of either being top banana in just another American market where he’ll realize he’s only one of 29 other franchise players, or being second fiddle (maybe even third or fourth if he goes to the Lakers, as some rumours have it) to someone better to realize just what a unique position he held here.

        It also adds to my lack of sympathy, not even as a Canadian and his desertion of “my” team, but just as an observer and interpreter, that he is unable to realize that and show some inkling that he values it at all.

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    george says:

    Who cares!men in short. pants with a pituiatary disorder does not a sport make.

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      Warren says:

      I am assuming you are on the small side, with resentment issues.

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    george says:

    Actually I am 6 ft tall but recognize I do not have to be 6ft 6 to be even nominally successful.in what otherll sport would a 6ft 9 man be known as a small forward

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