05.26.2010 01:08 AM

On The Mark

A couple nice young fellows from The Mark came by to interview me a few days ago.  Their interview went up yesterday, whilst I was in Ottawa for the Chretien portrait event.

They’ve brooken it up in two segments, on “wedge politics” and the Ignatieff dinner in Toronto.


  1. Michael Bussiere says:

    Reconcile, run the war room, do whatever it takes. Differences and disagreements are hard to swallow at the best of times, but at the worst of times (i.e. now, facing a Harper government) it is essential to the cause. As a Liberal who stood at the Trudeau memorial at the Centennial Flame and told Susan Bonner why we where there, I urge you to mend fences and defeat this guy once and for all.
    You are the best and we need you.

    • Warren says:

      Thanks, chief, but I had previously committed to the McGuinty effort. When the federal campaign was put off, I had to head back and attend to that. Quite a few of us are in the same boat,

      The federal party has some excellent people, all of them far better than me, and I know they will do very well.

      • Michael Bussiere says:

        Best of luck with Dalton. Just promise when the time comes you’ll pick up the phone whenever you see a target that shouldn’t be missed!

  2. allegra fortissima says:

    Well said, Michael Bussiere.

    Very well said!

  3. Iris Mclean says:

    I really hate to say this, because I like McGuinty, and am a Liberal supporter, but I fear that he has committed political suicide with the HST and the huge increase in the hydro rates. I’m not saying that these things are bad, just that he’ll take a beating at the polls because of them. It breaks my heart that we will be saddled with the Harris gang once again. I see more hope in the federal situation, even though the polls look pretty bleak right now. My two cents (adjusted for inflation) worth of advice would be for Warren to jump into the winnable battle.

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Well, if there’s an election, I hope that we have all the best minds and strategists in the OLO office, which means Warren.
    All hands on deck – or to the bridge! This is more important than anything else.
    Use Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton did.

    Interesting that they want to get rid of the clause that controls hate on the internet, isn’t it? I get the impression that they want to control the internet themselves, yet they want to get rid of controls that are already there. So – we’ll have unlimited hate without controls, and controls on democracy on the internet.
    They seem to be infiltrating blogs, and the posts that come on after G&M and CBC articles, and who knows what else they’re infiltrating.

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