05.11.2010 09:21 AM

Rogers sucks

I don’t want to go all Star Wars bar scene on y’all, but this latest outrage by Rogers is well, an outrage.

When will this company learn? When will they get their corporate heads out of their corporate keesters? It’s amazing how dumb they can be. Does their greed know no bounds?

I’m a bit of an iPad nutcase, so forgive me. But Rogers really, really sets new standards for idiocy, sometimes.

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    Boycott Rogers says:

    I switched to primus for unlimited Internet for the same price as Rogers grandfathered 15gb plan. When they grandfathered it I just laughed. I was already getting raped on 25gb a month overages =$100 Internet bill = adios rogeros! The rest of the industry is moving forward but not Rogers apparently. They are scared that netflix is coming = $10 a month unlimited tv and movies = good bye dead dinosaur aka Rogers. More like rofl.You screwed me for so long and now your gone. I am completely boycotting you. I just put up a digital antenna and get more HD content for free than your $75 a month cable. Cancelled and boycotted.

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