05.02.2010 06:26 PM

Rosie Barton is hunting me

I’ve wagered 20 bucks she won’t find me. Hint: I’m somewhere in downtown Ottawa.

In the meantime, here is part of the speech I’ve scribbled out at…wherever it is that I am!

“…We Liberals, meanwhile, have a few points to make, too. They are the kinds of arguments that public opinion research tells us gets a lot of heads nodding, too.

For example: Mr. Harper, you divide and conquer to stay in power. You say you want to clean up politics, but then you let things like Rahim and Helena happen. You say you are the best guy to handle the economy – but you’re the same guy who turned a record surplus into a record $60 billion structural defcit.

You are the guy who is increasingly out of touch with Canadians – and who is secretive, and autocratic, and who acts like he is the President of Canada.

Canadians, most Canadians, know you by now. And most of them don’t like what they see…”


  1. Big Winnie says:

    Rosie, he’s not at my house…LOL

    Warren, sorry to get of topic but I am perturbed because the Libs have not done enough to combat the assertions they are “soft on crime”. As for the docs, Iacabucci’s contract should be ripped up, given a “golden handshake” and then sent on his way. His work is tainted as he is currently a lawyer representing the government.

    BTW Rosie, did I mention he is not at my house?

  2. Anon says:

    I guess an election’s is on now. Let us know if you spot Ezra, will you?

  3. Robert K says:

    I’m not downtown but would guess you’re sitting on a patio somewhere on Elgin Street!

  4. Bubba Smith says:

    First off, shocking as it may seem, nobody cares where you are. Except for maybe The Liberal Party but only because they are trying to avoid you at all costs. Your advice and comparisons are unusually stupid and dishonest even for you and that must make them a new world record. F Dear Fool, if Canadians dislike Harper so much why does he and his party lead every poll? Did it ever occur to you that most Canadians are much smarter that you are and are fully aware that Liberal corruption under the thug Chretien and the jackass Martin ran well into billions: HRDC being one and, of course, Adscam to name the other. And those are just two that came to light. Face it, The Liberal Party of Canada is finished. Iggy will be gone within a year, year and a half at the most, and in the end will make the ridiculous Dion look great in comparison. Your next leader will be even worse because all your “front runners” are a joke. If I were you I’d find another line of work. You know nothing of politics and much, much less about public service.

    • Warren says:

      Bubba, you seem angry. Is that because your name is “Bubba,” or for some other reason?

      Folks, what do you think that reason might be?

      • parnel says:

        That reason would be his normal heritage…..an angry white conservative.

      • Dave says:

        Maybe he really truly believed what the cons were selling, and now is faced with the dawning realization that he was sold a false bill of goods?

        It’d probably be a bit irksome..

      • allegra fortissima says:

        Bubba burnt his home-baked cookies, and now he’s pissed off:) Or is Bubba a “she”?

        • Abigail Thomas says:

          Apparently, Bubba, you care or you wouldn’t be reading this site, much less posting on it. So let me ask you this, if Canadians like Harper so much then why has he not managed, in three elections, to win a majority? He continues to return to 24 Sussex presiding over minority parliaments. Even when the Liberal Party was arguably at its weakest, he still could not grasp the brass ring. To quote WK, epic fail!

          As a quick refresher, the last Prime Minister to have a majority government was the incomparable Jean Chretien, who, in fact, won three successive majorities. The guy who you claim not to care about, was there.

          Or I can be completely wrong and Bubba is just another angry, old, white guy – Senator Bubba Smith coming soon to a Chamber near you!

    • Elizabeth says:

      Where will you be when none of this comes true? Just so we can have a drink together and talk about it all.



    • Jon Pertwee says:

      Ah Bubba, come to lecture people here in your own self-righteous and bitter way. I wonder how many people have read your rant on Canadian Cynic where you tell everyone that you voted for your MP because he bought you lunch.

      That’s right lunch; bubba is a cheap date.

  5. Darrell says:

    Some one is upset Harper got to sing with Brian Adams on his birthday.

  6. Paul R. Martin says:

    As a true Liberal, you must be in the Chateau Laurier.

  7. JStanton says:

    …these are reasonable points to make, Warren, to reasonable people. But one can’t win an election against Mr. Harper through being reasonable. He’s never been reasonable, and he’s wiping the floor with the LPC – because the party evidently has nothing to bring to the gunfight but good intentions and the same old tired, albeit well reasoned arguments, rather than bigger guns and better ammo.

    We can see Mr. Harper steadily erode what we considered to be the uniquely Canadian values and institutions that made this country a cherished partner and friend in the community of nations. But with each passing month, the LPC shoulders more culpability, while, seemingly impotent, it does nothing but whinge.

    The nonsensical LPC discourse claiming nobody wants an election, is transparently the whine of the wimp being picked on by the bully, who won’t fight because he has no courage, having convinced himself of his own inadequacy.

    Of course no one ‘wants’ an election – we would prefer, in other words, that the ‘political class’ not screw things up so badly that only an election can restore the harmony that they are so lavishly rewarded to maintain. These are desperate times, and we would gladly tolerate an election – no, enough reasonableness – we demand an election.

    If the LPC doesn’t pull the plug, then, mark my words, LPC supporters will shift to whomever shows sufficient courage and moral fiber to bring about an end to these appalling circumstances.

    • Ronald O'Dowd says:


      You’ve taken my breath away. And that doesn’t happy very often — especially not when I exhale. But I digress, as usual.

  8. gretschfan says:

    You’re not drinkin’ Irish with me while in Zerotown (so far). This is a disappointment, particularly since speechwriting and Bushmills are true geminis.

  9. JH says:

    Re Bubba
    Good old fashioned political strategy there Warren. When you can’t deny the message knock the messenger and hopefully change the channel. Tactics 101.
    Otherwise you make some good points.
    BTW is CTV mad a you or have I just missed recent appearances?

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