05.13.2010 11:02 PM

W@AL: Meeting a German guy in Calgary

 It’s fascinating, the people you meet on the streets of my hometown. I don’t know this fellow, but he was quite interesting.


  1. Hey……just because you’re an arrogant pain in the ass that now lives in
    Turunto,doesn’t mean that we don’t luv yu out here in the red neck capital of the world.Keep doing what yu do.Someone has to say it like it is…..from his point of view.We seldom agree,but, will always acknowledge that you are honest in your opinions.In Alberta that means a lot.

  2. LibVince says:

    Hey, Warren, I’m stuck in my liquor store until midnight tonight (Howies Liquor, 3176 Sunridge blvd ne). If you have the time feel free to drop by.

  3. Robert Erickson says:

    I love it when big time federal Libs come to Alberta and pretend they don’t hate us. It makes me all warm inside.

  4. allegra fortissima says:

    Ausgezeichnet – in case you want to give it a try and pronounce this great word, make sure you pronounce the “ch” sound correctly… might be a challenge:)
    For those who are dedicated to the English language, enjoy this video:


  5. The Parkdale Impressario says:

    Speaking of things vaguely (or not at all) German, does this mean Sick Dick and the Volkswagens are reuniting?

    • allegra fortissima says:

      You sound like a cranky Infiniti driver – how “bourgeois”! A classy Beetle wouldn’t be for you, definitely not…:)

  6. Elizabeth says:

    We’re practising these – we have a German to confound.

  7. Herr Kinsella,

    Du bist immer gut. Da, da, da.


    I like “Er f

  8. I don’t know if my comment did get cut off.

    I like “Er f

  9. I don’t this this comment board likes ‘a’ with umlauts (two dots over the ‘a’).

    I like “Er fahrt” with an umlaut over the ‘a’. “He drives.”

    Personally, I like the Luxembourgish language better. “Du ass grouss.” No, it doesn’t mean that your butt is gross. It means “You are big/tall.”

    Here’s some Musik from Scooter: F*** the Millennium. (18+ more most people–118+ for Conservatives) I think Scooter is a German band.


    • allegra fortissima says:

      Congratulation – you’ve done your German homework, dialects included! Keep on studying, you’ll do just fine.
      A hint: to avoid any troubles with “a-Umlaut”, write: “Er faehrt” – Old German orthography, pronunciation stays the same.


      • Danke schoen!

        My German came in handy when I took the train from Zittau to Goerlitz. Strangely enough, the train made one stop in Poland across the pedestrian bridge from Ostritz, Germany. Mein Deutsch ist nicht so gut. Ich spreche McDonald’s Deutsch. Die deutsche Sprache ist so lustig, wenn es ein Verb am Ende eines Satzes ist.

        Werner Kinschnella muss nach Deutschland gehen.

        • allegra fortissima says:

          Great idea – I’ll take him with me next time I go. He might like the way coalitions work in Europe 🙂

  10. I have been to Luxembourg. It’s a strange place where the people speak Luxembourgish, understand German, and post signs on stores according to the Quebec language laws. Actually, I’m kidding about the Quebec part. However, most signs are posted in French.

    German is interesting as there are several dialects. While written basically the same throughout Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, there are differences in the spoken language. Nein–Nee.

    Here’s a link to an online map that shows the 2009 German election. It shows Erststimmen (first ballot–single seat) support and Zweistimmen (second ballot–list ballot). Like the Canadian Conservatives, the CDU/CSU is stronger in the rural parts of Germany The CDU/CSU is also more popular in the Catholic south. Die Linke (Left Party) is popular in the former East Germany. The Greens are popular in the grey urban centres.


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