08.15.2010 01:19 PM

In Belleville

Got to Chapters/Starbucks with one mother, one daughter, three sons, two Labs, and lots of stuff. Driving rain, Hellish, etc.

Guy at counter, checking through the stack of snowboarding/dirtbiking/punk/vampire magazines/books, and apparently knowing who I am: “You on Iggy’s tour this Summer?”

Me: “I wish.”


Me: “Oh. You meant Ignatieff. I meant Iggy Pop.”


  1. Darrell says:

    Classic Kinseller, thanks for the laugh. I hope you and Powers get that gig on Sun TV…

  2. Sandra says:


  3. Ronald O'Dowd says:


    Yes this qualifies as a suck up! Either would be good but personally, I’m still waiting for you to find a riding.

    That would really substantially alter bowel movements somewhere out there in the Canadian cosmos.

  4. JStanton says:

    yeah, road trip with Iggy Pop – sexagenarians taking the fast road to the heart of darkness.
    Nobody comes home from that one.

    40 years of shirtless Iggy Pop:


  5. Macdrewster says:

    Awesome man. That would be one amazing journey…..

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