08.17.2010 07:11 AM

Little Timmy Hudak’s revolving door

Received from a reader:

“Hudak’s director of communications David Tarrant and Marissa Steiner have just quit the OLO. That brings the number of people who have bailed out to 12 since he became leader. This does not include people who were purged when he took over. It includes only people he kept after becoming leader or brought in himself.

  • Jen Reid*
  • Ari Laskin*
  • Claudia Paolini
  • Pina Martino
  • Debbie Oskie
  • Tom Simpson*
  • Frank Iusi
  • Allan Williams
  • Laryssa Wailer
  • Greg Medulun*

* Hudak leadership campaign

Add to that Shaun Francis who recently resigned as PC Ontario Fund chair and something is clearly wrong in Hudakland.”


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    Paul R. Martin says:

    Your list is sort of interesting; however, I wonder how it stacks up against the changes in the Ignatieff team. As I am not an insider, I do not have a list of changes in the federal opposition leaders office, but I believe that it includes the Chief of Staff, the Director of Communications and significantly the head of the election war room.
    I get the impression that changes in the staffing of opposition leaders offices is commonplace.

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    Martin says:

    Warren – Bit of a stretch to say something is wrong in Hudakland?? You know how long the hours are – in an opposition office – People move on – Just like the McGuinty government will in just over a year.

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    Cam says:

    I just can’t ever see embracing Mr. Hudak’s views and I don’t think they resonate with the majority of Ontario folks, either. I don’t agree with everything Mr. McGuinty has done mind you, but my dissatisfaction is nowhere near turning to the Hudak ‘alternative’. Not even close.

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    Brian says:

    I agree that something is wrong in Hudakland. But I’m basing that on something more obvious than the unsurprising cycle of tier four staff names in an OLO, which is by definition a lousy career opportunity at the best of times.

    No, the bigger problem is that Hudak is coming across like he’s still a guy who wants to follow something prior instead of a guy who wants to lead something bigger or better.

    (And if you want to quote me on that, I’ll accept cash from the DOC salary line in the OLO budget as payment, provided I don’t have to pay HST).

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    Tom Simpson says:

    Thank you for including me on your list, but I am compelled to add that I was proud to work for Mr. Hudak both in the campaign and at Queen’s Park.

    I moved to “fight the good fight” and joined the Rocco Rossi Campaign for Mayor, in the personal belief that there are bigger dragons to slay than Premier Dad (This Year) and a belief that Toronto needs Rocco to be the next mayor.

    There can be no negative connotation to my move – I remain proud of Tim and his Leadership.

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