08.05.2010 07:56 AM

Rob Ford: Moron

The Rob Ford Campaign does not want this friendly handshake in any way misconstrued, said the Rob Ford Campaign.

Rob Ford’s long-held belief in traditional marriage has exploded into a campaign issue now that he has endorsed the views of a fundamentalist Christian pastor who suggested online that same-sex marriage could “dismantle” a “healthy democratic civilization.

We’re together. We have the same thoughts,” Mr. Ford said at a news conference with Pastor Wendell Brereton, who abandoned his candidacy for mayor to run for council and endorse Mr. Ford…

Mr. Ford’s views emerged during a reciprocal endorsement Wednesday with Mr. Brereton, a former Ontario Provincial Police officer who now preaches at the Glorious Church-Faith Temple, a multiethnic Christian congregation near Regent Park. Under the heading “my opponents” on his mayoral website, the pastor wrote: “Men who don’t truly comprehend the reality of the importance of the God defined family will dismantle the very ethical fibers of what a healthy democratic civilization is.

The notion that this knuckle-dragger could become mayor of Canada’s biggest and most diverse city is beyond ludicrous.  God help us all.

What do you think, Internet?  Want to see the Clampetts running the show down at City Hall?


  1. Tyler says:

    “Toronto’s Biggest City”

    Nice Freudian slip.

  2. Carl says:

    Two words WK…..John Tory
    Is that a beer on the hood of the car?
    Who the heck dressed Ford? I think I found that picnic blanket I lost last summer.
    Know any good blogs that are actually promoting their leader WK – Liberal or Conservative? Doesn’t matter. Seems few are giving visitors reasons to be confident in their man?

    • Mike says:

      I think it’s a brand of root beer -“MUGS”-even more appropriate. As to the wardrobe OMG. Shirts three sizes too small and he’s wearing a cowboy style kerchief. He won’t be the first clown mayor of Toronto if he is elected but he will be the worst dressed.

  3. DAVID says:


  4. Richard says:

    Maybe we’re not so far removed from George Bush’s Amerika as we’d all like to think!

    So Warren, why aren’t you running for mayor. At least then we’d have someone decent to vote for.

  5. bc says:

    I wouldn’t vote for him, but if the public does, and he assumes the position of Mayor, then that is democracy at work.

    Not much else to say.

    Calling him a “knuckledragger” sure is progressive though…

  6. Martin says:

    I hate Rob Ford – But he”d be a beter mayor than Wrren Kinsella is a human!

    • Warren says:

      Wrren thinks it”d be beter if you’d invest in specll check. And gramer.

      • Kevin says:

        Bad Spelers of the Wurld Untie!

      • Robin says:

        That would be too complicated for the knuckledragging right. ‘Beter’ to just invent words. And why not, the right is now in the business of inventing statistics to go along with inventing history. Who needs facts and consistency anyways?

      • Martin says:

        lol – You’re right (hey even a broken clock works twice a day) my quick typing skills aren’t quite what they should be.

        Fact is – there is nobody to vote for in this race.

        • James Smith says:


          Why not leave the word HATE out of your posts, it only makes one seem small. Use the thesaurus feature why doncha?

          Otherwise you are no better than the subjects of this vid:


        • James Bow says:

          It’s all fine and good to disagree with Warren however much you feel like it. I disagree with Warren often enough. But I find him to be a pretty decent human being. You need to keep your perspective. One’s political leanings aren’t an indictment of one’s character, and one shouldn’t confuse political disagreement with visceral hatred. Ever.

          • VH says:

            Agreed on the Warren part, but otherwise why is this true?

            One’s political leanings in fact are often an indictment of one’s character. here’s Tom Flanagan wishing discrimination on my, my family and all my relatives just for a few bucks. He’s willing to mislead about about it (“In a competitive market, discrimination is costly to the discriminator.” Hint: how many markets is that?) and then just says it’s tough sh*t for me (“Competitive markets don’t immediately abolish discriminatory practices”).

            The issue isn’t the position or policies but the motivation. We more or less have non-discriminatory employment in Canada today. What kind of person *knowingly* wishes discrimination on me to make more money for his nameless friends (“investors”)? Someone with bad character.

            I know this doesn’t apply to all conservatives or consersative positions but this isn’t a debating society and it’s *not* hate.. Real lives are affected. I don’t care how polite they are in person.

          • James Bow says:

            “I know this doesn?t apply to all conservatives or consersative positions”

            Bingo. Your problem isn’t with conservative positions, but Tom Flanigan’s positions. Your indictment of Tom Flanigan’s character, while it may be valid, doesn’t apply to all Conservatives.

            And if you met Mr. Flanigan on the street somewhere, are you saying to me that you would verbally berate him? Call him less of a human than, say, Bob Rae?

            Well, maybe you would. And I could understand that. But, if so, aren’t such actions basically justifying the actions taken by Martin above?

      • Raymond says:


  7. Reality.Bites says:

    The Clampetts were naive and unsophisticated, but decent and honest.

    Ford is and always has been a bullying bigoted blowhard. Nothing in common with the Clampetts at all.

    • scanner says:

      The Civil Serpents in Ontario called the Bob Rae government “The Clampetts” and fought them tooth and nail. One of the reasons he had such a hard time in office and as good as any explanation for “Rae Days”

  8. John says:

    Afraid of losing out on potential city hall kick backs are we? There are many people in this country who don’t agree with gay marriage. If you were an actual Catholic instead of proclaiming that you are you would see that. Ford will win because he represents more people than you would like to believe.

  9. beacher says:

    I knew it was only a matter of time before George brought out the “gay card”…gay marriage is a federal thing!!!! George can bring out the chicken suits and other ‘gimmicks” all he wants to but he isn’t exciting the voters out here. I for one want my tax dollars not wasted for going away parties(which George attended).For alot of us taxes and the operation of the city are the real issues in this election, for George it looks like it is “Gay Marriage and Chicken Suit gimmicks”.

    • The Other Jim says:

      Oh, Lord.

      Smitherman didn’t play the “gay card” – Ford did! Read the actual article – Ford made a deliberate and public arrangement with a candidate who appears to be quite anti-gay (and not just marriage). Brereton’s website was littered with stuff about gay marriage, Pride week, gays leading to the destruction of society, etc.

      I detest Smitherman (not because of his sexuality, but because he’s simply a jerk), but Ford’s wound is entirely self-inflicted in this case.

  10. Stormcrow says:

    Hey, I object to that terrible stereotyping of the Clampetts! Jethrina was such a trans icon back in the day and the rest of them were sure nice to that lesbian Ms. Hathaway…

  11. Mulletaur says:

    Rob Ford will follow David Miller as surely as Mike Harris followed Bob Rae.

  12. Jan says:

    Is he wearing this outfit to ward off gay advances? Crikey.

  13. Robin says:

    I think that is the same outfit that Rob Ford wore to Gay Pride this year!

  14. James Smith says:


    (since Bob Standfield’s fumble)

  15. JStanton says:

    Don’t underestimate the electorates appetite for fundamentalists or others with a similarly hostile world view, evidenced by their consistent re-election of Stephan Harper, and his consistently high poll numbers.

    And this is not confined to the un-educated. The recent EKOS poll shows little difference between support for Stephan Harper and the Liberals amongst the university educated.

    Is this a failure of the educational system, of parenting or of core Canadian values?

    I despair.

    • The Other Jim says:

      Sigh. Yes, people who hold different political views are evil, ill bred, stupid, poorly educated mouth breathers. And Harper is the Redneck in Chief, ready to lock up all them queers, and blacks, and cripples and force women to be barefoot and pregnant.

      By the way…


      • JStanton says:

        I disagree with your extremism. The only folks who I would describe as you do are ?fundamentalists or others with a similarly hostile world view?.

        As for the link to the MacLean?s article, I?m unsure what your point is. It starts off reminding us of his opposition to gay rights in Canada, and then proceeds to describe his opposition to life-imprisonment for gay Ugandans. He doesn?t get extra points for this; he gets to call himself a human being.

  16. MP says:

    Rob Ford = Brian Dennehy (Big Tom Callahan in Tommy Boy)


  17. Andrew says:

    Since when is it wrong to have a view against something, anything? And everyone is a gasp when someone states something that is not politically correct or hush hush.

    • The Other Jim says:

      Andrew – Did you even read the article? Brereton isn’t just anti-Gay marriage, he basically believes that homosexuals are destroying our country’s “moral fiber”. This isn’t a mere disagreement on policy, it suggests that he actively distrusts/fears a significant portion of Toronto’s population, AND FORD ENDORSED HIM. This isn’t even the same as having some yahoo working on your campaign twittering something stupid, this is someone that Ford clearly and emphatically endorsed as his choice for council in Ward 6.

      Personally, I don’t think that Ford is anti-Gay and his feelings about gay marriage, whatever they are, are largely irrelevant in terms of the Mayoralty. That he would be so short-sighted to endorse someone like Brereton, speaks volumes about his judgement (or complete lack thereof). This has nothing to do with political correctness, and everything to do with Ford’s seeming inability to just think a little bit before he acts.

      • Andrew says:

        Again, it is someone’s point of view. And what is a significant portion of Toronto’s population?

        Gay activists say some off the wall stuff, just like Catholic right. Both sides say some shocking stuff and has Toronto really changed that much?

        • scanner says:

          “as Toronto really changed that much”
          Simple answers to simple questions.

          • Andrew says:

            Thank you for the answer from the great (suburban) unwashed. You downtown elites and naval gazers set everything straight.

  18. Cam says:

    Toronto the Gay,

    is Toronto the Good.

  19. lr says:

    there is no way in hell he’ll get in. I hope.

  20. Wannabeapiper says:

    On the lighter side…that photo of Ford was taken after an romantic evening spent at Sandra Bussin’s house. Ask Giambrone-he was there too. So was the older guy in the photo.

  21. Michael S says:

    Oh, here is adipose boy on cycling: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nySs1cEq5rs

  22. Anne Peterson says:

    ‘The end of civilization as we know it?’ Isn’t this something like unreported statistics – a figment of the imagination. Are we to make decisions now based on fantasy and hysteria.

  23. Anne Peterson says:

    I personally know some homosexuals and one I happen to love very much, in part for his kindness and care of someone else I loved very much and I have not had even one millimeter of one of my moral fibers destroyed. Au contaire I have learned from him something about compassion and constancy. This gay bashing is absolute paranoid nonesense. Actually psychiatrists say it is quite a bit more than that. They say that it is those who are most attracted to the gay life style who are most terrified of it and most vociferous in their hatred of it.

  24. DAVID says:

    why is this turning into a gay thing i thought it was about rob ford’s stunning sense of style i simply adore it .the bandanna is a lovely touch.so there smarty pants

  25. Esme says:

    Rob Ford and family have been trouble makers all their lives, he won’t get my vote

  26. Ford also hates cyclists it seems.

    It’s their own fault at the end of the day’ — so says Toronto city
    councillor and mayoral candidate Rob Ford of cyclists who die on
    Toronto’s streets. His ‘heart bleeds’ for them, but, he says,
    Toronto’s streets were built for buses, cars and trucks, not for

    Video link

  27. Mike Hunt says:

    Toronto is f***ed if Rob Ford DOESN’T become Mayor.

  28. T Macpherson says:

    Since when is this important? Warren is your lifestyle so dependent upon maintaining the status quo that you will resort to using a picture of a handshake, and deriding the clothing Ford is wearing?

    Why not show a picture of Rob Ford showing him building and running his own successful business and meeting with other business people as he is working? Then let’s see the same picture of other career politicians? Probably because that isn’t inflammatory enough.

    The reality right now is that across North America, people are fed up with being treated like a personal bank to politicians that pander to interest groups that they do not belong to.

    At a time when the city is swimming in debt, here is someone who has consistently and constantly over the past 5+ years said that the wasteful spending has to stop. That it is time for the city government to concentrate on the things that make the city work. I am positive that even if the city stopped spending a penny on the Gay Pride parade, it would still continue on. Why is that? Because fiscally it makes more money than it costs. If that is the case, then let those that benefit from it directly pick up the difference. Hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, convenience stores, etc all benefit from this event. Go along the route and give them the option to be a member of the Pride community of sponsors for a fee. The city can save money on not spending my money on it, while retaining the benefit of this event. Sponsors with a simple sign can show they support it and gain the business benefit from it.

    This is essentially what the Ford campaign is really about. It is time for government to do what the people want it to do. Create a climate where the city can be truly great and flourish based on the relative merits of its offerings, and not the propped up version created by artificial sponsoring created by SIGs and paid for by the taxpayer.

  29. matt james says:

    Rob Ford looks like a cowboy clown, George Smitherman looks like a snake oil salesman,Rocco Rossi looks like a Mafioso—-and on and on and on. wow fine political stuff there; guaranteed to bring the best to the forefront in all concerned. I live on a farm and spend 2 days a week in Toronto doing farm related business. I have spent between one and 3 overnights there over the past 21 years and here are some observations. Thirty years ago and prior, I lived there full time.In all that time , the only mayor, I had any faith in was John Sewell. Even David Crombie, just like Bill Davis was a short sighted fool. The city, is the way the city is because politicians by their nature are basically short sighted fools.—single or at best 2 issue dimwits, more interested in their power and fiefdom than in the realities of their world and the realities of their constitiuencies. Toronto is becoming a police state and spends most of its money on a band of overpaid thugs, so they can keep the ever burgeoning swell of discontent rabble under thumb. Rob Ford isn’t going to solve that problem. What will solve that problem is to pass provincial legislation to open the books of the police and disallow the use of incident reports as justification for expenditure. How can Toronto be anything but failing, when they spend 65% of their dough on cops?

  30. Patrick says:

    I just think Rob Ford is a dumb fatty.

  31. josh g. says:

    Its about time we get somebody like Ford who has the taxpayers interests at heart and not a bunch of left leaning whining special interest groups. The left wing cabal thats been running this city had its back broken Monday and they can kiss their plum expense accounts and appointments good-bye. Good luck to Rob and I hope he accomplishes everything hes sets out to do. And if the best his critics have to offer is his appearance then i expect him to be mayor for quite awhile.

  32. don says:

    Well look at the jackasses that were mayors of the former other cities > case oates mel lastman holyday .
    Toronto was fine without the suburbs and never had any probems meeting their budget goals until that cretin harris decided to ballance the Ontario budget on the back of Toronto and pulled in all the crappy burbs in to the mix.

    Rob Ford got elected promising to respect those rate payers who voted for him and as that right wing 640 am explained that the 13 who voted against contracting out garbage west of yonge street was called wanting to waste taxpayers money , but in reality they were voting for their respective ridings having been elected officials and perfectly entitled to their vote regardless if it was not what the right leaning councilors wanted.

  33. AJ says:

    Rob Ford, the car itself sucks and breaks down constantly, lets see cursing 911 operators the ones who send the ambulance to save your life, holding up the middle finger to the lady and daughter at yonge n dundas while they tried to tell him to get off the phone, almost getting killed by a crackhead his family member saw. The guy is a nutjob a human waste of space I wish we had someone with a university degree as mayor.

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