08.03.2010 06:49 AM

Smart phone, not-so-smart government

Unidentified U.S. bureaucrat with freedom-loving Canadian device.

I’m thumbing this entry.

Do you find this bit from this morning’s Globe a bit, well, strange?

On Monday, the U.S. State Department became the latest government arm to weigh in on the UAE’s threat to shut down several BlackBerry services in October, should the company not take measures to allow local authorities to monitor communication on the device.

“We’re disappointed with [the UAE’s announcement],” a State Department spokeswoman told The Globe and Mail. “It’s not about the Canadian company, it’s about what we think is an important element of human rights … and the free flow of information.”

Do you find it odd, as I do, that the U.S. State Department is aggressively taking the lead on defending one of Canada’s most successful companies?  That it is the United States government, not its Canadian equivalent, being seen to push back against Middle Eastern despots?  That the Reformatories are missing a huge opportunity to change the channel from some of their myriad number of problems, this Summer?

But maybe I’m missing something.  What do you think, smart smart-phoners?


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    J-roc says:

    Cute photo illustration, but to be accurate, Obama is apparently using General Dynamics’ secure smartphone; the BlackBerry did not receive NSA approval for top secret communication: http://advice.cio.com/al_sacco/barackberry_look_at_what_will_replace_president_obamas_blackberry

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    scanner says:

    yesterday the CBC had an interview with a guy who is shorting RIM stock and predicting it’s demise. Reality here – the US gov’t is alive with Blackberrys for the very reason the UAE wants to be rid of them – security. Your emails from the Blackberry are encrypted and transferred through the Blackberry cloud – barely touching the ordinary internet hubs. Emails from your iPhone are laughably easy to intercept and read.

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    bigcitylib says:

    The blackberry election? Census stuff is more exciting.

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    R.K. says:

    The MEP (message event proposal) still hasn’t cleared PMO.

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    Namesake says:

    No response ‘cuz Harper’s understandably completely bewildered by the issue:

    he simply has no idea what such devices are for, since he doesn’t communicate w. anyone, apart from announcing his latest policies & gag orders in Cabinet lectures…

    …except for having the one red phone* w. the GG on the speed-dial button labelled “Reset/Prorogue.”

    (*which is on his desk right next to the big “cone of silence” & Bat Signal switches, and the “Levers of Economic Power” that all the con-bots alarmists want to keep Jack away from.)

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    anthrosciguy says:

    There’s a lot of business deals done in the UAE; they want to be able to spy on them. Fairly simple, really.

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