08.18.2010 01:37 AM

Toronto is cool

Saw Scott Pilgrim Takes On The World with two of my boys last night.  Going in, it had pretty much everything against it: my guys insisted we sit in the second row, so my vision was blurry and my neck was hurting before the trailers had concluded; the place was insanely packed with unfortunate tattoo/piercing decisions, due it being that half-price Tuesday night scam, and my well-documented misanthropy was therfore in fullest bloom; and I didn’t know diddley-squat about the movie, or what to expect.  Zero, zippo, zilch.

But it was awesome. Awesome, Canada!

Martial arts, punk rock, quirky dialogue and a bizarro plot line: I mean, seriously, what more could you want? Well, how about it being proudly in, around and about Toronto? Now, that takes serious balls.

Anyway, I recommend it highly.  It achieves the near-impossible, and makes Toronto cool.  For that, it deserves the Order of Canada.


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    Elli Davis says:

    Oh, I was planning to watch it but did not in the end because I was not really fascinated by the trailer. But well, this changed my mind. Toronto in fact IS cool, it just does not always show in movies because they might not be directed well.

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