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Your daily Rob Ford

From last night’s Global National, link here.

“Rob Ford has an interesting effect on political perception. For example, he makes Sarah Palin seem like a Nobel Prize laureate.”

Oh, and this. My God, I love this.  From yetsterday’s Tim Hudak scrum:   “I think we’ve seen Rob Ford vault to the lead more than any other candidate because he seems to be speaking out for families in Toronto who have paid more and more in taxes but have seen less in return.”

Write your favourite caption in comments!


  1. DAVID says:

    he makes Sarah Palin seem like a Nobel Prize laureate.”:good one they did it with obama and pearson ,the man is a prince

    • allegra fortissima says:

      When more and more Turkish people moved to Germany in the Seventies, in order to work, infamous, offensive and racist “jokes” about Turks started to circle in society. Those so-called “jokes” were told in pubs, at scholls, at parties, even at offices. They were “presentable”, to my very anger. Years later homes of some Turkish families burnt. Neonazis and their partisans struck their matches. Didn’t all this start with “jokes”? Biedermann and The Arsonists (drama by Max Frisch, highly recommend).
      If Germany had had a Human Rights Commission back then (they do now) and “Richard Warmans” (they do now), those shameful events could have been prevented, most likely.

      Several months ago a local Coffee Shop and Deli owner from Jamaica – great funny guy, spoke German to me, since he spent some time in Germany before coming to Canada – had his walls spray-painted with racial slurs. Oh well, a case of “silly prank”? I don’t think so!!!

      Keep your good work up, Richard!

  2. Yawn says:

    Caption: “Hudak: Oh, oh. Now there’s DEFINITIVE proof we met once. I know this will come back to haunt me, as this handshake is a complete and total endorsement of your policies, viewpoints and any transgressions both now and in perpetuity.”

  3. DAVID says:

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xe1a1wHxTyo fascinating everyone coming clean now that rocking’ Robbie is moving even more ahead

  4. Bill King says:

    Premier Hudak & Mayor Ford Celebrate Liberal Free Toronto!

  5. Ian says:

    dumb n’ dumber

  6. Nathalie says:

    Which of these two wasted $1 billion at eHealth?

    None of the above… that was eGeorge!

  7. Zachary Scott Smith says:

    An observative here,

    I will start with that I am of the view that Ford is at best a fool, however that fool has tapped into an resentment, that goes to the heart of Liberal and NDP Toronto voters and if this fool is able to hold that resentment and become mayor or at least place second.

    if I were a Liberal or NDP in Ontario or Federally, I would be very, very afraid.

  8. Mark Hardwick says:

    Is that the next Premier of Ontario and next Mayor of Toronto? Thought so….. Did I also hear lower taxes and no more wasteful spending in the Province of Ontario and the City of Toronto. Thanks for posting that Warren, always glad to see those working for Torontonians and Ontarians. Where’s your buddy Dalton hiding out?

  9. Cam says:

    Yeah, the Wiki site now has a photo of me in an ugly suit and a mug shot.

  10. Darryl Wolk says:

    Mr. Kinsella,

    I absolutely love your picture with the next Premier of Ontario and the next Mayor of Toronto.

    A lot has changed in politics since 1993 as you will see again on October 25. The final Liberal fortress in Toronto is crumbling to a blue tidal wave at the federal, provincial and municipal level. What you fail to mention in your photo is:

    Which of these two men wasted a billion dollars on eHealth?

    Which of these two men raised our taxes with a health premium and then cut services such as Physiotherapy, Chiropractors and Eye Exams? Which of these two men refused funding for autism?

    Which of these two men charged eco fees on over 9000 everyday products?

    Which of these two men gave us the HST tax grab?

    Which of these two men hold the record for the largest deficit in the History of the Province of Ontario?

    Which one of these men took Ontario to have not status?

    Did either of these men bungle a sex ed curriculum?

    Do either of these men have a record of creating failed layers of bureaucracy such as the LHINs at the expense of front line health care?

    I know you are disappointed that John Tory did not enter the race. Like most of Toronto you are looking for change from David Miller and Dalton McGuinty’s record of failure. I understand you are currently not working for a mayor candidate. Maybe you should try a Ford!

    In the meantime I invite you to watch this race closely. As George Smitherman pays the price in Toronto for the Ontario Liberal record – you should only expect a repeat performance in 2011. Mr. McGuinty’s time as Premier of Ontario is coming to an end. I am proud to support both Mr. Hudak and Mr. Ford. We need to return to common sense policies and start respecting tax dollars again. Smitherman’s decline is a signal that Ontarians have had enough with the Ontario Liberals taking this city for granted. Voters will remember Dalton McGuinty and his record of failed policies, new taxes, scandals and mismanagement. Finally the lack of traction for Michael Ignatieff is further proof that Liberals everywhere no longer offer the solutions voters are looking for.

    Enjoy your day and all the best with your decision on October 25.

  11. Patrick says:

    Premier Hudak

  12. Cam says:

    ‘Common sense’, yes we heard that a lot from Mr. Harris.

    Please give us your perspective on the Harris-Eaves years and since you brought them up, the federal government. Don’t forget:

    – downloading of services to municipalities with no ability to assume them

    – Tim Hudak slams HST, offers no alternative -> has never said he’d repeal the HST

    – $2B G20 debacle -> Fake Lake, class action lawsuit filed, businesses disrupted

    – $50M to Muskoka for a one-day event -> Toronto gets security fence and businesses get compensation package wrapped in red tape

    – Munir A. Sheikh, Head of Stat Can resigns -> church & community groups, businesses all moved to protest government decision

    – RCMP Chief Supt. Cheliak reassigned -> Don Martin says it’s political, what do you say?

    – treatment of injured Canadian Vets -> Veterans Ombudsman Pat Stogran almost apoplectic

    See if you can find some talking points you can cut and paste.

  13. CQ says:

    Santa Claus is watching.

  14. “Toronto’s Tax Fighting Tag Team”

    “Which of these two wasted $1 billion at eHealth? Oh wait, that was eGeorge!”

    “WANTED: These two have been spotted fighting us tax-and-spend Liberals and Leftists in and around Toronto, and must be stopped at all costs. REWARD: A plum posting as head of the LHIN of your choice, or on one of several useless, but high paying, municipal bureaucratic positions…”

    “Mr. 2011 & Mr. 2010, Electoral VICTORS”

  15. Pausing for a Kodak moment, looking forward to the day when they meet again in November 2011… AFTER THEY’VE KICKED THE LEFT’S COLLECTIVE BUTT

  16. Zachary Scott Smith says:

    I see the nameless ass does bray again, you know the one of little brains and much noise has come to the fence again to howl at the moon and bask in the comfort of his own words (code for S*I*) again, in place where he can push his limits to at least the grade two level.

    Mr. Kensella, not sure how you were brought up, but I was always expect to offer up an apolgy when I made an error and also to except one when offered – but to each their own as you do have the confort of the nameles one.

  17. Colin DeVries says:

    Somewhere in Toronto there’s an overpaid bureaucrat crying.

  18. Zachary Scott Smith says:

    How does one sum up the Liberals, well one can always start with this gem.

    Considering that more Canadians believe that Elvis is alive (12%) than believe in Ignatieff can connect or get in tune with Canadians, it is not difficult to see why there are so many Liberals who are happy to come to this site to show off their knowledge of Elvis and not the concerns of Canadians.

  19. Hey namesake, with both Rob and George both up for smoking or taking the odd joint, which one of the two of them will you smoking up with, that is if you smoke butt your writtings seem to suggest that you do, smoke that is.

    • James Bow says:

      Trying to parse that, I can’t help but wonder what your smoking. And do I have to smoke it in order to figure out just what in the heck you said?

      • Namesake says:

        Now, now, he’s already explained: it’s not his fault he’s functionally illiterate — it’s that mean Paul Martin’s, don’t you know, for cutting the CHST payments, which forced that nice Mr. Harris to let the cupboards go bare in the schools, which is why Johnny can’t write (or understand what’s wrong with the right).

        But, sshh! we mustn’t speak directly to him, because his Daddy said we’re supposed to prorogue dysfunctional discussions.

        • Zachary Scott Smith says:

          OTTAWA ? The Liberal Express summer bus tour has been a flop, according to a new Leger Marketing poll.

          At least it’s failed if the plan was to introduce Michael Ignatieff to Canadians.

          Less than one-in-ten Canadians say they know more about the Liberal leader now than when the tour began, and most of them are already Liberal supporters.

          Of the 8% who say they know more about Ignatieff now, 59% say their opinion of him has improved, while 18% say it’s worsened.

          A total of 30% of Canadians still say they know nothing at all about the Liberal leader, with women and young people (under the age of 35) most likely to know nothing about him (36% and 34% respectively).

          “The issue with Michael Ignatieff, prior to the summer, was that people really did not know who he was or what he stood for,” said Dave Scholz with Leger Marketing. “Now near the end of the summer tour, we’re finding that only 8% of people know more about him now than they did before. That’s a pretty small number.

          “And when you break it out, those are more likely to be Liberal voters. He’s preaching to the converted.”

          According to the poll, done exclusively for QMI Agency, if an election were held today 37% of Canadians would vote for the Conservatives, 28% would vote Liberal, 16% would vote NDP, with the Bloc Quebecois and Greens getting 9% and 8% respectively.

        • Zachary Scott Smith says:

          Think of the joint in Rob`s back pocket and the one in Georges front pocket and think of the number of times Rob has been called a *sucker and extrapolate out from there.

        • Zachary Scott Smith says:

          Speaking about functionally illiterates and dysfunctional discussions, I see that you are still at it in your own limited fashion and I wonder if you will be able to figure out The Liberal Express summer bus tour has been a flop, according to a new Leger Marketing poll.

          Somehow I rather doubt it

        • Zachary Scott Smith says:

          Speaking about dysfunctional discussions.

          According to the poll, done exclusively for QMI Agency, if an election were held today 37% of Canadians would vote for the Conservatives, 28% would vote Liberal, 16% would vote NDP, with the Bloc Quebecois and Greens getting 9% and 8% respectively.

          Iggy’s summer tour a flop: poll, by BRYN WEESE, Parliamentary Bureau, Last Updated: August 20, 2010 6:25pm

  20. I Hate Music says:

    Hudak: “Derp?”
    Ford : “No! Derp!”


  21. James Smith says:

    May I suggest some captions as requested?

    Tim Tim nasty but Dim (thinks):

    Found On the Road DRUNK

    Rob (muddles in his brain stem case):

    Hoo Dack?

    PS Mr K I have photos of an AFrame sign outside a restaurant on Queen Street today that you may be amused by on this subject, I can send them if you like, or not what-ev.

  22. Derek Lipman says:

    Eternal opposition leader Tim Hudak and Failed Mayoral candidate Rob Ford in the Canadian wilderness, at a search party for a city in which a far-right wing conservative can get elected.

  23. Hudak-Ford aka the bumbling Sheriff Rosco and the next county commissioner, Boss Hogg.

  24. Michael S says:

    Tim Hudak shakes hands with an unidentified Rush Limbaugh Impersonator”

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