09.27.2010 03:16 PM

Johnston v. Bieber

David Johnston may be smarter and more well-respected than Justin Bieber, to be sure, but my sons and every single other pre-pubescent male in Canada have all emulated one hairstyle.

And it ain’t the lid favoured by the Vice-Regal personage, sorry.


  1. Will M. says:

    Where’s BlagoBieber?

    Sure he could have gotten off on all 24 counts with that hairdo!

  2. allegra fortissima says:

    Mrs Sappleton’s niece won’t let her imagination run wild – not this time!

    You look better without the Bieber-hair, Warren:)

  3. bigcitylib says:

    That haircut has a very different effect on girls when the person wearing it is in their 40s, I was sad to discover.

    PS. I saw ads of JB for CSI. Please tell me he was the one that got murdered.

  4. sj says:

    Is it just me, or is Aniston the most masculine looking of the lot?

  5. Granny says:

    I can still remember when a senior student (a cool older guy) at our high school was censored and suspended from classes for a couple of days because he wore a Beatles wig to school. The kids hair is fine at least his parents have a good photographic record of the haircut. I made sure that we had a photographic record of the time when our son wanted to wear his hair long. Our new daughter-in-law loves these pictures of her Albertan oil rigger husband.

    This website is very helpful for keeping my memory skills sharp

  6. Paul R. Martin says:

    I see that the story about our new GG was written by James Travers. Is that the same Toronto Star columnist that you recently dumped on big time?

  7. Uncle Poika says:

    Hey Warren: you’ve seen today’s polls. Ford slipping. It comes down to this. If Rocco is the first of the other guys to glue a Bieber to his melon he wins hands down. Act fast. You know George’s team are thinking about it right now. Pants is thinking about it too, but sez here he will opt for a platinum Miller instead.

    • Paul R. Martin says:

      Polls? I have just seen 1 poll (Ipsos) and it had a sample size of only 400 people. It did have Curious George firmly in second place and Rossi in 4th.

  8. Warren,

    I’m actually a trendsetter in terms of hairstyles. The Biebster is going to copy My hairstyle when he gets older. My trendsetting hairstyle is short on the sides and much shorter on top! Warren, I see from your photos that you are on the way to copying my trend.

  9. Isn’t that Cousin It hanging out on top of the heads?

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