09.22.2010 10:32 AM

Huge OLO changes (updated)

Huge! My friend Patrick Parisot is the new Principal Secretary in Michael Ignatieff’s office, and that is a huge score for the Liberal leader.  Patrick will be a huge asset on both the Quebec and comms files, where help is needed, hugely.

I like the word “huge.”  It is huge.

And, yes, it is hugely possible that I am losing my mind.

UPDATE: I, too, like Mike. Better.


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    allegra fortissima says:

    Dont’ wonder why people go crazy. Wonder why they don’t. (Grey’s Anatomy)

    Enjoy the remainder of the day 🙂

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    Herta says:

    Hi Warren,
    Listening to Mr. Baird and Mr. Flaherty recently has me wondering why Federal Liberals are not reminding Canada about Ontario’s experience with Mike Harris’ Tories. Does anyone remember Kimberly Rogers? Walkerton? Dudley George? One of the things I find hardest to swallow is that none of these cretins ever expressed even the tiniest bit of remorse.

    To this day I still think about Kimberly, alone, pregnant in a hot sweltering apartment with barely any food, hoarding pills because taking an overdose was the only way she could see out of the mess that she was in. After all these years it still bothers me, as does Mr. Baird’s careless dismissal of her. As did the Mike Harris Tories who simply shrugged their shoulders and blamed her for suicide. To this day, people applying for welfare have to cash in prepaid funeral benefits as income. If they happen to die while on welfare they can have the cardboard box.

    Is there a strategy in Liberal land somewhere? Won’t someone say something about these individuals who made such a mess of Ontario and now are fooling the rest of the country into trusting them?

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