09.10.2010 08:37 AM

The Mark: one take on Rush Ford


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    Andrew says:

    Your comment on inheriting “daddy’s money” would disqualify over half of the politicians in Canada.

    Politics is an expensive game and out of the reach of all but a few Canadians.

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      VH says:


      There’s a big difference between being the son of a father (say, John Tory) but actually running things unconnected to the “family business” (Rogers, CFL etc) and only ever having worked in your father’s company like Rob Ford.

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        Andrew says:

        Take a good look at the politicians on all levels of government and you will see how many “only ever having worked in your father’s company” or those coming from inherited money.

        I did not make any comment about Mr. Tory’s children running for or working for other candidates.

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          Tim from Alberta says:

          I’m trying to remember what ‘ole Pete Trudeau did for a living before he took over the job of changing and saving Canada.
          Seems to me reports were of him driving around Montreal on a motorcycle(wearing German helmet) delivering pizzas.
          Maybe I’m wrong…….

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            Namesake says:

            PET earned a PhD, wrote about politics, and travelled the world in his formative adult years before assuming a major positionof power. While Ford spent his screaming at teenage boys to make them smash into each other harder.

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            Namesake says:

            Hmm, in this year of the renaissance of the musical, makes me think there’s the makings of a commercial or powerpoint theme song, here:

            Climb every mountain, [backdrop pic of Rockies]
            Search high and low, [pix of var. failed & no-show cand’s]
            Follow every highway, [pix symbolizing various garden-
            Every path you know. [path promises of Slitherman et al]

            Climb every mountain, [more pix of Rockies]
            Ford every sCream, [pix of Ford Fairlane doin his thing]
            Follow every rainbow, [depict the e-Health pot’o’gold]
            ‘Till you find your dream. [pic of Rocco!]

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    Leon says:

    Warren, will The Mark do a Warren Kinsella on George Smitherman? Or is he off limits because he is a Liberal?

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      Warren says:

      You know I’m not shy by now, I think!

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        allegra fortissima says:

        “not shy” – a classic example of a litotes. Sort of…

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    A Boucher says:

    Wow… way to slam on the breaks right before saying where you think Ford should be mayor of… I think I can still smell the burning rubber on that one!
    (You weren’t going to say Ottawa… right?!)

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    Cath says:

    I don’t know Warren. I’m not a Torontonian but I’d be torn between Rossi and Ford. The guy I know, or the guy I don’t. The message that’s clear or the one that’s not. I think for Rossi to come up through the middle and take top spot a little hard hitting comments about the fiscal situation would help.

    For what it’s worth I wouldn’t throw Ford over because he’s been drunk, caught in possession or worked for his family’s business. The throw over would for me have to be because of a complete screw-up in his research and delivery of his platform.

    Speaking from outside of the city, that Toronto becomes as fiscally responsible as say Hazel’s Mississauga resonates. It’s about time and if Rossi believes that too then his message on that specifically could be made stronger.

    There’s also a type of an “unknown” entity to Rossi that may be playing against him.

    A bit off topic but when The Mark interviews you are the interviews conducted in your place or theirs because I’ve noticed before on the clips you post here that that totem-pole-like face steals the show. I find I focus more on it than you – but the colours match on you both.

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      Warren says:

      I focus on the totem, too! It’s a lot more interesting than me.

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    michael hale says:

    You’re starting to look downright dignified, as you age. (Believe it or not, that’s a compliment.)

    The door is opening for Rossi to be the guy who like Ford, is upset, but who unlike Ford, has ideas and solutions. You’re comments about him not knowing the first thing about a budget work great and play right into Rossi’s resume. And that’s where the drunk driving/drugs/fists come in. Even if they aren’t a reason, in and of themselves, not to vote for Ford, they definitely reinforce the image an angry man who has no real abilities.

    Negative campaigning works because it reinforces something the public already suspects. But in for it to work for Rossi, he has to step through the opening. That’s his real test.

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    Michael Watkins says:

    B.C. has a convicted drunk driver as a premier, so it’s only right that Toronto should be stuck with one too? Great example to set to the public and especially the young. It’s ok to be a drunk driver, you can aspire to or keep high office. Great.

    Our premier didn’t have the decency to resign, setting a bad precedent which another B.C. Liberal MLA subsequently used to hang on to her job after being nabbed for drunk driving during the 2010 Games.

    Boot all three of them out office/the race, I say.

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      Tim from Alberta says:

      All those who have never consumed a little too much “adult beverage” and drove their car home,jump up and wave their arms.
      Campbell and Ford caught caught and paid a price……….I suspect that millions of us didn’t get caught and are now able to look down our noses at both of them.
      Probably most of us never “inhaled” a joint,either.
      Being a bully……..well that’s a whole different ball game.My experience is that most politicians are either bullies,connivers,or both. Most of their support staff fall into these categories as well…….ever try to get close to a politician at a public function or make a statement at a meeting that goes against or questions his policies?The goons come out of the woodwork…

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        Michael Watkins says:

        It’s 2010 Tim and drunk driving is no longer socially acceptable and hasn’t been for a long time. I damn well act differently today then I did when I was 19. Is it too much to expect the premier of the province to act differently not only due to the greying of his hair and changing of public attitudes over the past several decades but also in recognition that when he hops in a car, on vacation or not, he’s the premier of the province?

        If you look at this objectively, Campbell didn’t pay a lasting price at all. Is he not still premier? And so the lesson he has demonstrated to the impressionable young, and the incorrigible old, is that you can act badly and all you have to do to get away with it is simply bully your way through your public “remorse” phase.

        Had Campbell resigned *that* would have been a valuable demonstration to young and old in this province.

        Re your comment about bullies, connivers, goons and such: am in full agreement.

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    Tim from Alberta says:

    I’m always interested in politicians who have good ideas and plausible solutions to big problems.From your interview,I got the impression that Mr. Rossi has plenty of both.
    Has he made them public?If so,where might I find them listed.
    I’d like to pass them on to our mayor out here in Red Deer.I know we’re small potatoes compared to Toronto,but, good ideas and good solutions could/should work out here as well.Don’t ya think??

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    Marco says:

    I never thought I would say this, but I am drawn to Ford for only one reason; I am tired of politians thinking that as a taxpayer I am some sort of bottomless pit of cash. We pay a lot in taxes in Toronto and I really don’t mind if I felt I as getting a level of services that matches my taxes, garbage fees, TTC, land transfer, license renewal etc bills. Sarah Fulford hit the nail on the head in the recent Toronto Life. I can’t afford to have a mayor that thinks raising my taxes is the only solution to City Hall being mismanaged. Warren, if you want Rossi to make some headway, he can begin by appreciating that Torontonians work hard for their pay cheques and are sick of seeing their hard earned money squandered. Rossi has to make me FEEL that he will value my municipal tax contributions, do waht he can to keep them in check (or reduce them) and be 110% accountable. I would appreciate that talking point instead of the classic Liberal insult “don’t vote for Ford, he’s crazy and has a secret agenda, you’ll be sorry” implying you know more about these things then me a lowly voter and I should trust you. I don’t like Ford, but maybe the city needs some shaking up. Don’t blame me, blame Mr. Miller et al.

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