10.24.2010 03:00 PM


No less than Sam Wakim and Pat MacAdam have written to me to tell me that Dief, not Romeo LeBlanc, was the source of the bear-and-rabbit-tracks parable in my column, below. I accept that is so, but it was Romeo who told me that one, and not Diefenbaker.

In any event: let the record show that I stand corrected!


  1. Paul R Martin says:

    Dief also commented that dogs know what to do with polls.

  2. Brian says:

    There were fewer polls per dog in those days.

    Things are different, now.

  3. I would bet that the saying was not made up by any politican. Dief probably heard it growing up.

  4. Lipman says:


    -You doing a Toronto mayoralty endorsement? Your threadsters (including yours truly) are likely wondering!

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