10.29.2010 08:35 AM

David Chen, hero, does it again

The guy who should really be Mayor and Police Chief.

David Chen – the amazing man who is being persecuted/prosecuted for catching bad guys – does it again.

Check it out:

The day before a judge is set to decide if David Chen is guilty of tying up a thief and throwing him in the back of a van, the grocer was busy thwarting another thief.

Chen, and his 55-year-old mother, spent much of Thursday keeping their eyes peeled for a woman spotted allegedly stealing shampoo on a security camera Wednesday night.

When she returned to the store on Thursday, Chen said she allegedly tried to steal some cooking oil, eggs and more shampoo from the Lucky Moose Food Market on Dundas St. W.

Chen’s mother stopped the woman as she left the store, while he called the police — and his lawyer, Peter Lindsay.

“My mom stopped her. And the police came in good time today,” he said.

During his trial Chen testified that it would take police up to five hours to respond to his calls when a thief was caught stealing from him.


  1. Lance says:

    See how fast the police responded THIS time? I guess they didn’t want another public relations fiasco – involving the same person.

  2. Namesake says:

    This just in (announced on CBC NN): Not Guilty on all charges — All Charges Dismissed.

  3. Mulletaur says:

    All charges dropped.

  4. sj says:

    Congrats to all on the verdict. What a colossal waste of time .

  5. michael hale says:

    I know stealing is wrong. And I do not doubt that David Chen is a hero. But a woman stealing cooking oil, shampoo and eggs doesn’t make me want to celebrate Mr. Chen. It makes me sad. Is that what we are now? Or have always been?

  6. wannabeapiper says:

    And how much did it cost the poor guy in time and money. The justice system needs to be defuckulated…just sayin………….

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