10.20.2010 07:26 AM

Eastern Ave. this morn: Sandra Bussin’s in trouble, seems


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    L Levac says:

    If the Rob Ford wave of anger and bitterness results in Sandra Bussin (finally) being turfed on her behind, than I will happily salute “Mayor Ford”. Sandra Bussin has never been fit for public office and may Beaches-East York be rid of her once and for all.

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    Crocker Jarmon says:

    A friend who was at an all-candidates meeting last night said when she was introduced there was totally silence where as her oppent was greeted with raucous cheers. Also, she asked for extra time answering questions because of all the booing she was getting. Not a good sign, but we’ll see if it actually translates. I hope so but I have my doubts.

    One great thing is that the Right, Centre and Moderate Left have all united against her. Shows that people can work together, haha.

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    CaligulaJones says:

    The fact is, if Bussin didn’t have the support of the NDP and the labour unions, her support would vanish. Or, in this case, enough non-voters in the last elections are voting, and even the $upport she’s getting (declaring, I hope…) isn’t enough.

    As mentioned, I was called by OPSEU last week, telling me that because they support Joey Pants and the Bussin, they’d like me to vote for them. I don’t think they liked my answer, but seeing as OPSEU never asked my opinion BEFORE the endorsement, it certainly doesn’t appear to be worth very much if individual OPSEUers don’t vote like the bosses want us to.

    That damn “free will” again…

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      Anom (only cause it is slightly insider) says:

      There, for a long time, has been a pretty big divide between the organization of Prov/Fed NDP and Mrs. Bussin.

      A long time a ago, some bridges were not quite burnt, but harmed. There was a little dalliance while Churley was running, but that was it.
      Very little cooperation between Mrs. Bussin’s team and local NDP riding Assoc. for a long time – even the most basic items, which a politically knowledgeable person would expect.

      There is a much closer relationship with Janet Davis in the northern half of the riding.

      Just want to be clear to straighten out the straw man that is – some large NDP organization behind Mrs. Bussin

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        CaligulaJones says:

        No straw man intended. Yes, there is a big difference between Official NDP and NDP supporters.

        If Bussin isn’t getting Official NDP-type assistance, then she is surely still drawing on her history with the NDP to keep NDP supporters that she acquired earlier in her career when she HAD Offical NDP support.

        Clear enough now?

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    IC says:

    Bussin cut a striking figure in an aggressive blood red coat, perfect makeup – or was that botox? – and an arrogant scowl firmly placed at the church north of the Danforth last night. Her supporters consisted it seemed of a motley collection of refugees from the Tuggs Empire, Mike Prue who sculked at the back occasionally shaking his head at the other candidates and an interesting dude who should have been cast in the Sopranos.

    She’s on the ropes – but with a whopping almost 70% to whittle down – Ms. McMahon has a job on her hands. She can do it – the voters need to vote and remember what Her Slyness did for them. The back of a postage stamp has more than enough room.

    Ohhh, yes, a little tidbit – Adam Brown – the jack-in-the-box development lawyer who is not welcomed in Beachy parts, is somehow related to the Bussin. Well, well, if the soup wasn’t thick enough…

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    IC says:

    Ward 32 battle is getting dirty. Bruce Baker the old fool is attacking Mary-Margaret (way to go Bruce – NOT), and Bussin’s people are out putting signs illegally on social housing and taking down other candidates’ signs on private property (namely Mary-Margaret) using 2 white pick-up trucks. My wife has gotten snaps of the tasteless crew about going about their work…

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      CaligulaJones says:

      Well, Bussin’s Bus Squad shouldn’t try that in my ‘hood: we have a pretty keen unofficial Nabe Watch going (caught some jackwagons tagging a car, and a few dozen of us middle-aged farts chased and held them for the not-very-interested police), and the street is pretty much 100% MMM country.

      As for Baker…beh. We had a good laugh when he said that “conservatives are trying to take over the Beach, and using MMM to do it”.

      Yeah, ’cause she started to work hard for the community years ago just to create a conservative cover. I’d go into how sexist the idea is, but that’s shooting the proverbial bitter fish in the barrel.

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    Brent says:

    I believe there was a similar phrase painted on that new building at 1908 Gerrard (at Glenmore) a month or two ago. I say “believe” because it was there for less than a day before it was painted over — I have never seen graffiti addressed so quickly in this ward. The letters were still reasonably clear under the cover-up paint on the last two words, but I didn’t clue into “Bussin”.

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