10.26.2010 11:07 AM

Power and Politics, Oct. 25: The municipal edition

Peggy and I react viscerally to the news of an imminent Rob Ford win.

Clippage here, at about the 1:44 mark.


  1. WDM says:

    Thought it was interesting with no party brand to defend, you, Ms. Nash and Mr. Solberg had probably one of the most interesting panel discussion in ages on a Canadian political show.

  2. wannabeapiper says:

    I blame Kinsella for Ford. If he had not have written the War Room and if Ford had not bought a copy, we would not be in this mess. On the other hand MMM probably read it and made short work of Bussin. The book is a danger and should be licensed, or restricted or something……….just sayin………..

  3. Cq says:

    I’m glad Chrysler and GM survived (if barely) their era of bloated, way over marketplace competition, wage negotiations.

  4. ed_finnerty says:

    this link is f**ked

  5. Jim says:

    So that’s what you look like when you react viscerally, huh? Looks like a couple elderly stoned hippies to me.

    This is a repudiation of everything you pompous clowns stand for. The derisive laughter from the rest of the nation is deafening; and the ribald jokes about homosexual latte sipping Tranna urbanites are spreading like wildfire.

    The liberal left has just been handed its own ass on a plate – and still they won’t listen. You pout like children. The liberal left is poisoned, sir – and men like you are responsible.


  6. Art Williams says:

    There are lessons in this Toronto election for all parties.

    1. Stay on message. Ford was excellent at this.
    2. Keep your message a simply one that Joe Average can understand. Again, kudos to Ford.
    3. Stand for something. Don’t try to be all things to all people. Smitherman at the end was promising everything to everyone.
    4. Being an “a-hole” will split your vote. If Smitherman hadn’t burned his bridges by being an unlikeable fellow he’d me mayor today because Rossi and Thomson would not have entered the race. Call it the John Tory effective. People respect and revere Tory because he is a smart and likable fellow.

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