10.28.2010 04:38 PM

The Menzingers

‘Who’s Your Partner,’ here.

I may have a perforated eardrum, but I can still hear good punk rock (sort of).  The Menzingers are anthemic punk, as someone wrote, on the road between Billy Bragg and the Clash.  Friggin’ awesome.

So we laughed through glossy eyes,
Surely the gods would recognize,
Our good intentions, we showed them,
The sweat covered our skin.

We aged a decade in an hour,
We gave away our innocence.

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    bigcitylib says:

    From an ear infection to a perforated ear-drum? Is this thing getting worse? You didn’t jam a pencil in your ear, did you? Just to relive the punk glory years? Seriously, I hear a perforated ear-drum effects your coordination. If its in your left ear you’ll start walking in little tiny left-hand circles. If in your right, otherwise.

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