11.25.2010 09:43 AM

Another speechy gets his arse kicked

Repeat after me: telling lies is not free speech.


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    Lance says:

    Wow. $85,000. Ouch. I’d hate to be on the receiving end of that kind of lesson to the entire blogosphere.

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    Cameron Prymak says:

    Warren – am at the Alberta Technology Leaders in Education conference in Red Deer. Was impressed by George Couros, a Principal at a K-12 in Alberta.


    His take on what kids need to become better citizens and communicate appropriate in the 21st century is refreshing and thankfully some educators are taking the ball and running with it.

    Great analogy ->we don’t send a teenager out to operate an automobile without a lot of instruction, why would we do the same with social networking, interactive media and the web? For Couros, this training starts in primary school.

    I was impressed with his commitmet.

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    rabbit says:

    Actually, telling lies is usually free speech. There’s no general law against it. Telling lies that are defamatory or meant to defraud others or are made in a court of law are not.

    But I wouldn’t get too overjoyed by this. Everyone who publishes is vulnerable to defamation suits. Everyone screws up eventually.

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