11.24.2010 11:03 PM

BC Lib leadership

I’m very excited to hear that Christy is thinking about running. If they’re going to have a shot at re-election, the BC Liberals need someone who isn’t in the current cabinet – and who is popular. Christy meets both criteria.


Abbott to join Liberal leadership race, Falcon, Clark close to declaring (Liberal-BC-Leadership)
Source: The Canadian Press
Nov 24, 2010 19:53
By Dirk Meissner


VICTORIA – The race to replace B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell heats up significantly Thursday with Education Minister George Abbott officially joining the contest flanked by at least a dozen members of the current Liberal caucus.

Sources close to Health Minister Kevin Falcon and former Liberal cabinet minister Christy Clark say the two political veterans are seriously close to joining Abbott and former Liberal cabinet minister Moira Stilwell…

Sources also said former Liberal cabinet minister Christy Clark, who left politics in 2005 after two terms in the Liberal government, is poised to enter the race, with an announcement expected soon.

Clark is currently working as a CKNW radio hotline host in Vancouver, where many of her daily topics deal with dissecting the mysteries of B.C. politics.


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    James Curran says:

    That would be worth getting pat down to fly out and help. She’d make an excellent leader. When is that convention?

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    Robbie says:


    The BC electorate are angry beyond belief over the HST roll out and the recent Liberal flip-flop on the 15% tax cut. Mr Campbell, at less than 10 % in the poll, has not given the reins of power over to an interim care-taker. He still calls the shots, despite his resignation. Recall campaigns are under way on the Island. The NDP is suffering convulsive dry heaves as over 40% of the caucus want Carole James gone; so the opposition is weak. However, the Liberals are very divided on the inside of caucus.

    There is a distinct and real possibility for a 3rd party, based in the center, to form. There is also the spectre of Basi-Virk and the BC Rail deal. There are too many unanwered questions. Christy may not have all the baggage of the current Cabinet cabal but guilt by association, however long ago, may affect her ability to garner ground troop support. Her ties to Gordon Campbell, as fading as they may be, could well be her greatest hinderance. Money troubles are also present.

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    DJ says:

    Christy’s got a pretty good gig now at CKNW–her own show from 12:30 to 3:00 Mon.-Fri. She can’t escape being attached to the Campbell government: she was part of it–and was not well-received as education minister. She lost the nomination of Vancouver’s NPA mayoralty race to Sam Sullivan in 2008. I don’t know if she has the appetite to return to politics. She wouldn’t be a shoe-in to win if she did. I’d stay with the radio gig.

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    tf says:

    Sorry – Christy carries the taint of the BC Rail scandal – why do you think she left politics in 2005? Too many insider connections for her to continue with a straight face. So she went into radio where she could choose projects for which she would shill.

    It will be impossible for anyone who has worked with the BC Liberals in the last decade to avoid the stench of their corruption. I look forward to the closet doors being opened for all the dirty laundry to finally be exposed. We need some fresh air!

    What a waste of time, talent and money this last decade has been in BC!

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    Lucas North says:

    While I will likely vote Liberal federally, there is no way I would ever vote for the BC Liberals. The reasons why are too many to list here, but they mostly involve purposely bankrupting the province in order to sell off publicly owned entities. I’m sick of being lied to.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the BC Liberals have been an unmitigated disaster for this province.

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    Steve Gallagher says:

    My spouse and I now describe a particularly pungent fart as being a BV. Comes from Basi Virk.
    You know the kind of a lingering stench that actually grows more foul over time and will not be
    aired out.

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    jon evan says:

    I listen to Christi almost daily on my afternoon car trip. She’s funny, bright, and argumentative. But she just doesn’t get the HST like many in the BC Lib. party.
    Recently, she had Bill Vander Zalm on her show. She couldn’t get why he keeps on with his anti-HST campaign with the recall initiative. She doesn’t get it that we still have the HST which people HATE!
    My good friend is going thru marital counselling. Well it’s bad enought they have to pay $110.00/hr. for each session. But then the BC Libs. have to get their share of HST on top. How cruel and insensitive! Christi just doesn’t get it. Nah, she should say as a talk show hostess and have her own fun there methinks.

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    allegra fortissima says:

    Keith Martin as Premier would be an excellent choice – he has always shown integrity and intelligence!


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