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Harry S = Nola = Moira = Walter Water = Justin B = Bud = Carlos = Consistent = Observant.

Thanks to those (you know who you are) who helped out.

Any further info on Consistent/Observant will be gratefully received.

In the meantime, observant432@hotmail.com‘s life (in the 65.95.13*.*** range, always)  is about to get highly complicated.


  1. Scott Tribe says:

    Ok.. what did I miss? What did he end up doing?

  2. Scott Tribe says:

    Never mind.. I just scanned down the way and saw what he was doing. He actually used an email address with his real name in it to try and show what a tough guy he was?

    Nice touch to figure out his pseudonyms.

  3. Ted H. says:

    This probably isn’t important now, but from the tone and phrasing of his comments, I think “Consistent” is the same “Harry S” who used to haunt the Garth Turner website when Garth was a Liberal MP.

  4. terence says:

    I see his obnoxious stuff on many newspaper blogs and other sites as observant.

  5. james curran says:

    I agree with you Ted.

    Good snag there W.

    As Tony Montana said in the movie….”I never did like those stinking…………….”

  6. Dave says:

    It’s amazing that what is probably a handfull of individuals can spew so much bile all over the internet in comment sections of newspapers and blogs such as this. Always anonymous or with fake names, of course – and of course they are crazy enough that people like me are disinclined to use a full name as well.

  7. James Bow says:

    It’s an interesting pattern of behaviour, here. The use of pseudonyms is cowardly, but it’s interesting seeing his behaviour escalate. Under Consistent and Observant, he’d just posted a number of snarky, snide and annoying posts, but what makes someone like him shift from that to death threats? Was it perhaps the fact that we weren’t rising to his bait? Did he get frustrated? I find this an interesting psychological question.

    Best of luck showing him that actions have consequences.

  8. Lance says:

    Warren, I take it then that you’ll be supporting this bit of government legislation –


  9. #562 says:

    Warren. I don’t know if you should be more scared or impressed that someone spent that much energy to have that many fake accounts in attempts to … persuade? attack?…. god knows what.

  10. Greg says:


    I believe the person in question fits the description at the web address below:


  11. Hugger says:

    Besides constantly hovering at Garth Turners site, he was frequently found at the Wingnutters place. Not certain but someone who wrote very much like old Harry S used Phantom Observer as a handle as well. The collector of Nutz was quite computer savvy so he might be able to add something.

    After “observing” this character for a while I came to ponder whether it was only one person. There were times when the tone and the style of the writings would change significantly. I attributed this to most likely being a case of schizophrenia or there were more than one person using the handles.

    • Namesake says:

      Agree he’s Harry S, but altho’ both are Tories, I think the Phantom Obs. is a diff. person: who’s got his own blog – http://phantomobserver.com – and writes rather more cogently, and actually gives his name & ISP (Rogers) there at the top right.

      And I really believe the affliction in question is mania, not schizophrenia.

      • Hugger says:

        Whatever Harry is , there are troubled minds behind it all. Still that doesn’t justify aggression toward Mr. K’s children. I don’t always agree with him either, nor do I always agree with Harper, Ignatieff, Layton or Duceppe. That doesn’t give me or anyone else the right to go beyond offering different points of view, strenuously at times. Which of course is what this back and forth is all about in the end. We can actually learn from the more thoughtful of those who we sometimes see as our opponents if we keep our minds open.

        I will also add that I became quite disenchanted with Mr. K when he joined up with Ignatieff. I believe he posted my expression of angst, and that is to his credit, but he subsequently cut off comments on this site.

        A spade is a spade, and will always be so in the world of a tree hugger like me.

        That said, I am pleased that Warren has secured a place with the Sun Newspaper chain, and if I understand correctly will have opportunities to debate Ezra Levant on telebision. Incorrect schpelling intended.

        From what I have seen of Warren’s abilities in that forum, I look forward to see him slay that blathering dragon.

  12. Derek Pearce says:

    Hmmm, I wonder if he goes by the name “Philanthropist” over at Macleans. Wouldn’t surprise me.

  13. Bocanut says:

    I stalk women.

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