11.23.2010 04:50 PM

Kudos to both sides: politicians working together to stop online B.S.

The Ontario Liberals have asked Twitter to shut down a fake account that claims to be registered to Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak’s three-year-old daughter.

A user purporting to be “Miller Hudak,” began posting on Twitter under the username@Hooodakkkk late Monday.

“Everyone is on Twitter. Including those weird relations you want to avoid. Too late now,” reads the first tweet, which is followed by another one that says “Polkaroo is on Twitter!”

When Premier Dalton McGuinty learned of the prank, he sent a handwritten note “from one father to another” to alert Hudak during question period on Tuesday.

The opposition leader read McGuinty’s missive, delivered by a parliamentary page, then walked across the floor to thank the premier. The two men shook hands and later resumed debating.


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    Tim Alin says:

    now that is civilized and that is how politic should be played

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    James Bow says:

    Also very disciplined and proactive — doing the right thing before it became a news story. More than winning elections, that just shows that somebody in charge is on the ball. Good work!

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      michael hale says:

      And equal credit to Hudak for the way he reacted.

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    Brian says:

    A credit to everyone.

    Not quite true, because there’s still a fool out there who opened the account in the first place. But it was nice to say “a credit to everyone” for a change. It’s been awhile since I could say that.

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    bc says:

    Admittedly, I know very little about provincial politics (is anything more boring?). But if there is a similar dynamic to how things operate on the Federal level, this type of interaction is normal.

    I play evening pick up hockey with a bunch of MP’s and must say that they rarely, if ever, have anything bad to say about their political opponents – at least on a personal level.

    It was refreshing to experience, actually.

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    Brad says:

    They’ll have to learn to get along because we’ll have a minority liberal/conservative gov’t in a years time

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