11.29.2010 09:40 PM

Live by-election results, here!


  1. Paul R Martin says:

    I do not see any love for The Green Party in any of the results.

  2. Michael S says:

    A surprise in Vaughn?

  3. Paul R Martin says:

    Based on the current results from Winnipeg, can I change my vote to Layton should resign soon even though I know that he will not?

  4. Namesake says:

    Are equally cogent write-in votes allowed?

    Gilles Duceppes has failed miserably, and will resign soon.

  5. Pcase says:

    Tightening up… fat lady has yet to sign in Vaughn and Winnipeg.

    Undecided for the votey thingy

  6. Pcase says:

    Well – it WAS tightening up when I wrote that. I have heard the awful signing…

    Go Als – I guess…

  7. terence says:

    I think the libs have won this night by staying close in Vaughn and winning in WPG north

  8. nic coivert says:

    32% voter turnout! Is it that difficult to engage people locally? Such apathy only bodes well for the incumbent Cons. For the liberals to make gains nationally they must figure out how to get people politically engaged, it doesn’t appear that they’ve been able to do this. Then again, its only a bye-election.

  9. Namesake says:

    Gord sets the spin cycle to max: Wpg. North going Liberal instead of NDP/CCF might be “reverting to the norm.”

    Let’s see: going back to 1935, this riding (or Stanley Knowles’ old riding of Winnipeg North Centre which it was reassigned to b/w ’97 & ’04) had:

    NDP or CCF MPs winning 18 elections;
    Liberal MPs winning 4 elections;
    and a Conservative winning 1.


    before 1935, that there was a ‘Labour Party’ winning 3 & a ‘Unionist Party’ winning one, plus 1 Lib, so if we fold the 2 former in w. the NDP/CCF we get:

    NDPish MPs winning 22, or 79% out of the 28 elections there, to date;
    Liberal MPs winning 5 elections: 18%;
    and a Conservative winning 1: 4%.

    So, this just in brought to you by The Incredible Tulk, the fearless of foe of all Axes of Evil: 18% is the new norm. ‘Nuff said.

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