11.30.2010 06:28 PM

Media cautionary tale, part two (updated)

Remember this?

The Citizen’s editors responded quickly and effectively to my complaint.  That was that.

This afternoon, nearly a month later, Lee Greenberg tried again. A few folks contacted me – through this web site and Facebook – to let me know that Greenberg had re-published his bullshit.  The Post has published it, too, under Greenberg’s byline.

This time, I copied my lawyer on my emailed request that the Citizen refrain from letting Greenberg from publishing made-up stuff.  They have removed said B.S. from the web edition of the paper, and I’ve been assured it won’t show up in the print edition, either.  Last time I checked, however, it was still on the Post web site, so a libel notice will be winging its way to them tomorrow afternoon.

Anyway. How can this happen twice?  Beats me.  Maybe the desk isn’t checking Greenberg’s stuff enough.  Or, perhaps someone thought it was a way to take a shot at someone who writes for a competitor.  (I hope not, but who knows.)

In any event, my advice still stands: if you work in politics, and Lee Greenberg calls you…

Hang up.

UPDATE: The Post has deleted the false part.


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    WesternGrit says:

    Just tape all your conversations… Use the record button – right there on the side of your iPhone… It’s amazing how it’s worked for me…

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    Lance says:

    “The Post has deleted the false part.”.

    Finally. So does that mean that the ensuing fireworks are cooled?

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