11.28.2010 11:08 AM

Ottawa police abuse – the story continues

Still, after her ordeal, Bonds said she doesn’t want to think she was wrongfully arrested and mistreated just because she’s a young black woman.

“I hope and pray it’s not a racial thing. I don’t want to make it into a big black-white issue. I think it’s more of an issue of questioning authority and I’d like to tell people don’t be afraid to ask police questions. It’s your right. I’ve learned my rights and I think everyone should learn their rights and make sure they’re not stepped on,” Bonds told the Ottawa Citizen on Saturday.

Bonds, a theatrical makeup artist with no criminal record, was stopped by police in September 2008 while walking home from an after-hours party following a live musical performance downtown.

The police officers ran her name through the system. When nothing came up they told her to go home.

When she asked why she had been stopped in the first place, police arrested her and took her to police headquarters, where she was put in a jail cell where she remained topless and in soiled pants for three hours and 15 minutes before being given a jailhouse jumpsuit.


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    Michael S says:

    What the hell was the crown prosecutor thinking? Or was this just another garbage in garbage out case?

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    Derek Pearce says:

    One of my cousins is RCMP, another one OPP. They are decent, thoughtful guys who would be disgusted by police behaving like this. But still, one has to ask, just how rigorous is the psych screening for police college applicants (or graduates for that matter)? These kinds of actions (and taser deaths, and G20 BS, and corruption) give all cops a bad name. I feel a bit schizoid about police. They seem to come across as either heroes or pigs. More the former of course, but enough of the latter that I’m almost always instantly on the victim’s side whenever the SUI has to get involved.

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    Be_rad says:

    Looking to the left of my screen, the “Police Foundations Department” of the “Canadian Law Enforcement Training College” is advertising for people looking for an exciting career as a police officer. They might want their money back for this placement 😉

    Like Derek Pearce, I havely in the law enforcement ranks. My father was in the RCMP. I have no doubt, like most public service institutions, the majority who serve are there for the right reasons; it’s the handful that cloud it for them and the rest of us. Further, risk-averse leaderships make it worse by trying to cover up bad behaviour, instead of using it as an opportunity to drive home values and standards.

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    Nadine Lumley says:

    Jerry, to me, knows what’s he’s talking about. HarperCon: it’s all top down.

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    i can't tell i'm scared says:

    i reported an ex police office for his son doing hundreds of break and enters years ago. this police office was a Sergent at the time. When i told him this story he looked very angry with me. The ex police office after retiring went on to be placed in our federal government in a top secret position when all along had ties to organized crime doing drugs etc. The police that i reported this to in the past in now an inspector of the Ottawa Police and i would not dare come out with the story now as i would get surly in trouble with the law… nice hey

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