11.02.2010 10:04 AM

Power and Politics, Nov. 1: black screen edition

The CBC black screen of death.

Monte, Peggy and I had a great chat with Evan about U.S. mid-terms and their effect on Canada.  But, when you click on this here link, it goes black at about the 22 minute mark.  Our chit-chat was at the back end of the show.  Kudos to whoever can figure out how to see it.  I sure couldn’t.

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    jbro says:

    i have to say, occasionally i go to check out that show on the interweb, and i always, always give up before seeing anything i want to see. i tried to send a complaint, but – i’m not lying- the cbc comment sign-up thingy was also too time consuming and baffling to jump thru.

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