11.15.2010 11:28 PM

Power and Politics, Nov. 15: Tony Blair’s cheese has slipped off his cracker

I hum ‘Stars and Stripes Forever’ whilst Monte looks on, awestruck.

Clippage here, at about the 1:45 mark.


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    Paul R Martin says:

    Warren looks like “Average Man”. Average Man is the non super hero in a commercial.

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    Pat Heron says:

    Love your website/blog Warren, especially because of the depth and breadth of the comments elicited on most issues. Thank you for that. However, I was really taken aback by your performance on the Evan S show re Tony Blair’s war/religion rationalization. Please view the excerpt again and note that you interrupted Ann each time she spoke but not Monte. Although you appeared to agree with her, you didn’t let her finish any statement. I found it surprising and disappointing.

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      Warren says:

      Calm down. When you are trying to participate in a conversation through a tiny ear thing, and staring at a black camera lens, it’s hard to figure out when people stop and start. They even have a name for it – “overtalk.”

      I wasn’t trying to interrupt either one of my friends, or they me.

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        Brian says:

        Most viewers still don’t get that you can’t actually see the people you’re talking to. No visual cues of when it’s ok to cut in, etc.

        After all the millions of person hours leftie teachers spent on “media literacy” in the last 20 years, you’d figure kids would have learned that talking heads can’t see the other talking heads, that reporters don’t write the headlines, that reporters often can’t choose what they cover, etc.

        This world…

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    J. Coates says:

    They hates us because we’re nasty hobbits.

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