11.22.2010 09:08 AM

Tom Robinson? I super-loved ‘Glad To Be Gay’ and the first album, buddy!


Proving Monte’s point, below. I loved this one. Leftards! Liberals! Socialists! Grrr, I’m angry! Grrr!

—–Original Message—–
From: Tom Robinson
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 05:12:32
Shut the fuck up goof.

If this was the USA, the many Conservative commentators would eat you alive.

None of that softball shit we get here in Marxist Canada.

You’re a piece of shit Kinsella and you can take that to the bank,meat head.

Wait till your hero Omar Khadr comes home.

That’s when shit is going to hit the fan.

Are you going to babysit Omar, you anti-American piece of shit?

Warren Kinsella is a fucking piece of shit junkie.

Go smoke another one junkie.

My response:

—–Original Message—–
From: wkinsella@hotmail.com
Date: Mon, 22 Nov 2010 13:29:25
To: Tom Robinson
Reply-To: wkinsella@hotmail.com
Subject: Re:

Thanks, Tom! God bless you and your team of doctors!


  1. smelter rat says:

    Tom seems quite rational compared to some Sun commenters.

  2. Lance says:

    Well, at least this one didn’t do it from work, lol.

  3. Pcase says:

    Whoa. hahaha

    This letter should be framed.
    It starts somewhere personal attacky, goes through a Khadr worm hole and comes back through with another personal attack re: smoking weed??? :s
    It’s like Joyce-ian stream of consciousness stuff.
    These conservatives are getting meta.

  4. Art Williams says:

    Well, that was lucid and well thought out.

    • Warren says:

      And you should the ones I get from Bob Rae supporters! They’re even better!

      The fact that there are only three Bob Rae supporters outside of his immediate family helps, I suppose.

      • Art Williams says:

        What a lot of people from all sides of the political spectrum fail to realize is that when you descend into out right lies and insults, you’ve lost. Making an argument is like dealing with children. As tough as it is, you ALWAYS have to keep it together.

  5. Dave says:

    My personal favourites are National Post commenters, especially when they perceive one of their own mildly criticising the Conservative Party. It’s like watching a mini-Cultural Revolution.

  6. S. Peterson says:

    Yes, we have all noticed how witty, reasonable and intelligent conservative commenters are. If the conservative government doesn’t scare you enough conservative commenters will.

  7. S. Peterson says:

    Added comment – I don’t even read conservative blogs. Too scary. If I did I’d probably spend my time sitting in the corner shivering with my hair standing on end.

  8. Paul R Martin says:

    Thanks for the “joke of the day”. I wonder if he was off his meds.

  9. allegra fortissima says:

    Robinson Crusade – it’s a bit chilly outside, but keep on sailing, man!

  10. Shaun says:

    If Tom Robinson doesn’t like the social freedoms of Canada, he should really give the US a shot. At least in Canada you can be glad to be gay. In the USA, on the other hand, you’d be afraid to be gay. To Tom, and to quote Tom himself, “If this was the USA, the many Conservative commentators would eat you alive.” And the commentators would be the least of one’s worries.

  11. aka_pooch says:

    “softball shit”, “shit Kinsella”, “shit is going to hit the fan”, “shit junkie” and last but not least “you anti-American piece of shit”.

    It’s obvious Tom watches Trailer Park Boys or he has a shit fetish.

  12. newfiecaper says:

    Wow, Tom is really Mr. Leahy!

    He’s watching you like a shithawk Warren… like a shithawk.

  13. Granny says:

    Why do so many conservative comentators give the impression that they are terrified of hearing an opposing view ? They want to silence anyone who doesn’t agree with them. What are they afraid of ? Is it the truth that they fear ? By his language and speech pattern he sounds like a frightened ignorant child. What is especially disturbing is that his fears plus his anonymity can make him potentially dangerous to other people. He is quite unstable to say the least.

  14. Namesake says:

    On the other hand, maybe the Cndn. Forces should recognize they’ve got an appreciable untapped constituency with maniacs like this Tom Robinson/Fred Bracken/Johnathon fellow, & the even more ubiquitous Harry S/Consistent/Observant:

    so, considering the newly discovered mineral deposits, they should launch a targetted new recruitment campaign for the new IED-fodder they need:

    Afghanistan: Come for the Opium; Stay for the Lithium.

  15. Diane1976 says:

    To Tom Robinson:

    This is not the USA. This is Canada. And not everybody in the USA thinks anything like you do, fortunately for them.

    Let’s hope when it comes to something like the Khadr case, or anything else, we will not just go along like a bunch of stupid lemmings with some mindless lynch mob mentality, but will look at the facts and think rationally for ourselves.

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