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Tory to Hudak: no ideas, no alternatives

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Former Leader Criticizes Conservative Non-Answers on HST

(Queen’s Park) – Former Leader John Tory slammed Tim Hudak and the Ontario Conservatives for their failure to answer questions about Ontario’s harmonized sales tax:

  • “When they would ask the Conservatives and the NDP well, if you were in would you do away with it? They wouldn’t answer. Would you lower the rate? They wouldn’t answer.” (John Tory, CFRB, November 3, 2010)

  • “…the parliamentary opposition [Conservatives] was utterly unwilling to offer any alternatives.” (John Tory, CFRB, November 3, 2010)

  • “McGuinty was left with…an opposition which wouldn’t answer questions leading people to believe; well you know if these other people got elected, we’d probably have the HST anyway.” (John Tory, CFRB, November 3, 2010)

Tim Hudak and the Conservatives supported tax harmonization until the day the McGuinty government introduced it. Then they voted against a tax reform package that cut taxes for Ontario families and reduced business taxes to help create jobs. But for more than 18 months, Tim Hudak has refused to answer and won’t commit to repealing the HST.

Even John Tory knows: when it comes to tax harmonization, Tim Hudak just doesn’t get it.

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    Blaster says:

    It’s quite rich for the Liberals to be trying to blame the HST on the Conservatives for not opposing it vigorously ENOUGH. Is this really the story the Liberals are going to be trying to spin at election time? My God, you guys are getting desperate, aren’t you? More likely this is one of the many strategies employed by Michael Ignatieff and Rocco Rossi on their respective meteoric rises to the top. Ha!

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      Warren says:

      Listen, pal, both Hudak and his predecessor Runciman demanded an HST – they practically lobbied for it.

      We’ve got the footage. And we plan to use it.

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        Paul R Martin says:

        I am sure that they are pleased to know your plans. I suspect that their platform will include a reduction in the HST. 13% just doesn’t seem right.

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      Derek Pearce says:

      Well what about Harper? I don’t get how he and Flaherty have been so teflon regarding this whole thing. Where is the BC anger toward the Feds for instance? And WK I can’t wait to see that footage!

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      Ted says:

      Um, who’s blaming anyone?

      The hypocrites here are the Progressive Conservatives: trying to appear as though they oppose the Liberals for doing something they support.

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        Ted H. says:

        I agree with my fellow Ted. The federal Conservatives wanted the HST and paid the Ontario Government about $5 billion to implement it. Legally, the HST is the GST at 13%, there is no more provincial tax. Even if they had the slightest intention of repealing the HST how could Hudak and the Ontario PC’s campaign against something their Big Brothers in the Federal Government wanted and parliament supported. It’s federal law now.

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    MW says:

    I realize that this has nothing to do with the post I’m commenting on, but would love to hear your opinion on the “dirty tricks” used by the Ford campaign (i.e. the fake Smitherman supporter twitter account and the phone calls into Tory’s radio show). According to the Ford camp these types of things are business as usual in election campaigns. Is that true? Figured you’d know. Dirty tricks in my books – should be an offence under the Municipal Elections Act (impossible to police I know)

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      Warren says:

      His campaign team look like a bunch of frat boy jerks, running around bragging about this crap. It’ll bite them in the ass. I give Nick six months before he’s back in Windsor.

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        MW says:

        Is this kind of crap done in all campaigns?

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          Jay says:

          So much for democracy. I thought it was about presenting ideas and solutions and then choosing the best options. What is this bullshit that Rob Ford was involved in? This is how some of the more unsavoury types in third world countries get in. Democracy isn’t about shenanigans and lies to manipulate people to vote a certain way. Why even give options?

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    Andrew says:

    A couple of questions; 1. How many jobs has the HST created? I haven’t seen anything come out with numbers. 2. Didn’t Dolton come out and say that the HST would actually end up costing families MORE money each year (once it was out)? Even though they said it would save money when they were promoting it. 3. Do you not find it amusing that this governing power criticized the government before them for sending out cheques to the people in Ontario? Now they are doing the same thing?? I think you can agree that the last two are correct, which means you can also agree that Dolton is a LIAR and a HYPOCRITE

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    Cath says:

    Yep, just about anyone can draft a faux press release, and if it were ONLY the HST hanging over Dalton’s head WK I’d say you have a point…but it’s not. There’s much more. Not the best move. How about in all fairness the McGuinty government excuse Ontario students their loan payments to the tune of $40,000?

    Like this http://oncampus.macleans.ca/education/2010/11/04/mcguinty%E2%80%99s-solutions-aren%E2%80%99t-in-china/

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    AmandaM says:

    Oh, if only John Tory had any credibility as a critical voice. As much as I love blasting the Tories on this issue, I don’t think Tory is the guy to trot out. If, say, Bill Davis or Ernie Eves or Mike Harris or any previous Tory MPP who won his/her seat in the Legislature were being critical, I’d be on board. But I don’t think Tory has the credentials for this one.

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      Warren says:

      Yeah, it’s not like he was the last leader of their party or anything.

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