12.03.2010 10:20 AM

Hillier v. Hudak

Part of a continuing series, as chronicled by the irrepressible BCL.


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    Cameron Prymak says:

    BCL says – Oh My! And Norm, no stranger to blistering hot rhetoric himself, is suggesting that Randy Hillier…should either fish or cut bait,” Sterling said Thursday. “He should either be a member of the team or he should step outside the team and run as an Ontario Landowner under his own party label.”

    Is this the beginning of the splintering of the right, like out west and south of the border?

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      Scott Tribe says:

      “A house divided against itself cannot stand”.

      We can only hope so.

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    James Bow says:

    This has always been McGuinty’s strength. For the past seven years, he’s governed by giving a little bit to everyone — maybe not everything they want, but something to make them happier. That’s helped broaden his appeal.

    The Conservatives know the value of the big tent, but for them compromise is still viewed with resentment; a deviation from their one true principles. Note the description of the red tories as “traitors”, even though the red tories have probably been in the party longer. Too many people see people with political differences as enemies rather than mere opponents, and they’ve forgotten the value of sharing. McGuinty gives a little bit to everyone not just because it’s politically expedient, but because everybody DESERVES a little bit of everything, except that the pie is only so big. Compromise is not treachery; it’s merely the least people can do to try and live peacefully with other people in their midst.

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      Namesake says:

      and if there’s one thing Bow Knows, it’s the value of bending!

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        Mike says:

        Yes, but the man is straight as an arrow !

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    Middleclassfamily says:

    (Hudak’s) aide emailed a statement saying all three Tories agree that the party is “united and focused” on its goal of defeating the Liberals in the next election.



    MacLaren said the party’s head office denied membership to many people he and his supporters signed up as party members. He put the number of disputed members at 150

    “The Progressive Conservative party thinks democracy isn’t important in this riding,” he said. “We didn’t even know the format of the meeting until we got here.

    “We had to find out from (PC party headquarters) in Toronto when the meeting would be. They did everything they could to be unco-operative. It’s a goddam farce.”


    If Timmy can’t manage his caucus how can he expect to run a province? Its no wonder his party is a Plan Free Zone.

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    Michael S says:

    With enemies such as these you don’t need friends.

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