12.04.2010 03:39 PM

Hudak vs. Hiller, the civil war continues

…and all of that doesn’t even begin to address the problems associated with Hudak letting in extremists like Ed Kennedy to serve on Ontario Progressive Conservative Party executives, who writes things like:  Typical n****r behavior. Concealed carry would have made the outcome much different. Note if the perpetrators had been White, they would have all got the death penalty for a hate crime against n*****s. And the lieberals wonder why a large segment of Whites hate blacks and distrust them. I am surprised the black bastards did not try to rape them, that is standard fare for n*****s.

Tim Hudak’s Conservatives: they’re ready for something, but becoming government isn’t one of them.


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    Paul R Martin says:

    So you seem to have managed to plant that story with several news outlets. I doubt that it has legs as the general public has no idea of who Hillier is and is not interested in his silly machinations.

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    Riley says:

    What is it about conservatism that attracts $h!twits like the sort featured in the Harris-Hudak caucus? Why don’t violent lunatics like this support the Libs NDP and Greens? People of goodwill have to ask themselves … Are you more like Randy Hillier, Ed Kennedy, Ezra Levant and Tom Flanagan or are you more of a decent, long game thinking, CIVILIZED person like Premier McGuinty?

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      The Other Jim says:

      Dude, seriously?

      The NDP caucus is full of wingnuts! The scary thing about that is, far more than with the Cons, those wingnuts are in relative positions of power. As for the Green Party, the lunacy starts at the top in that party!!!! The Liberal party does seem to attract fewer bozos per capital, but luminaries like Hedy Fry or unlamented lowlights like Carolyn Parrish and Tom Wappell hardly inspire confidence!

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    JenS says:

    Oh, come now . . . he used “lieberals.” Isn’t that clever????

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    Windsurfer says:

    Actually, you’ve come up with the official name of a great, new party.

    And let the cards fall where they may.

    The Rural Libertarian Party.

    Rather than these folks’ traipsing around in the mantle of one of the mainstream parties.

    Of course, this would require proportional representation for them to actually elect 3 members.

    Discussion welcome.

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    bigcitylib says:

    We won’t have Ed to kick around anymore. He’s quit (or been asked to quit) all of his positions with OLA and Hillier campaign. He says it happened about Nov 26 or 27, but didn’t mention it until today.


    About time.

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    Middleclassfamily says:


    “He (Hudak) seems unaware of the key economic challenge facing the province — remaining competitive in an increasingly global economy. Hudak’s ideas seem rooted in the old economy — one that is not coming back”

    “In other key areas like health care, education and managing the deficit Hudak offers few creative or comprehensive alternatives to Liberal policies. Instead he seems satisfied with finding wedge issues to exploit”.

    “Since he won the leadership of his party, much of the media have been feeding off what Hudak is against. It’s time to start pressing him to articulate the kind of Ontario we can expect if he becomes premier next year”

    This is coming from a media outlet from the riding of none other than the other member of the hillbilly trifecta the one and only Bill Murdoch. If the local media in riding of one of the longest serving MPP’s in Timmy’s caucus is saying this than there is no way he is fit to run the province.

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    Iris Mclean says:

    I sure Hudak, like Harper, has to tread carefully trying to win over progressive voters while at the same time maintaining his mouth-breathing red-neck base.

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    Iris Mclean says:

    Edit… I’m sure….

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    Patrick Deberg says:

    Better watch out in the Ottawa Valley! Blackjack Mac is charging the hill with his tractor brigade and he’s taking no prisoners!! Back off government or I’ll kick you in the n$ts! Hey wait a minute ! I’m the government! How does this government thingie work anyway? Randy help me out here, I’m conflicted !!

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