12.10.2010 09:43 AM

Record Player – Lawrence Arms

The daughter and I were rocking out to this piece of genius this morning. Now you can, too.

The words are truer than you’d think.

I’m like a record player
I keep goin’ round with a needle in my arm, making someone else’s sound
And lately I’ve been dreaming of blue and empty skies
But nothing like that ever crosses red and weary eyes

I’ve been traveling with bottles, working close with cans
Sitting up for hours with my best friends in a van
Now they say that this ain’t living, but I don’t know what they mean
Cause I don’t feel dead, and baby you look alive to me
It’s the only game that I know how to play

The time, the time, to say goodbye
passed us long ago.
And I would say I’ve overstayed my welcome.
But you know, I don’t think I’m ever going home.

I don’t need a doctor, ’cause anyone can see
That I had all of these shots, and I am still sick as I can be.
I think I need to rest my eyes, so baby come with me
Lay down here beside me, keep me warm while I sleep.

There’s trouble on the way – Huh! You’d best believe, there always is, don’t worry
Sit and have a drink with me. When we go, all we got is these days that we made.
But I don’t wanna waste them, being wistful or afraid.

Without all of you I’d be even lower down.
You know what I want to say, but I can’t get it out.

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    Andrew says:

    Thanks, now I’ve been listening to Oh! Calcutta! all day

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