12.20.2010 02:36 PM

The universe achieves balance, tolerance-wise

The guy who was punished for opposing intolerance has been reinstated.

And the guy who was actually intolerant, and wasn’t punished, has apologized.

Sanity is restored, and before Christmas too.

I’m still cranky after the insurance-less buffoon demo’d the rear end of my car, however.


  1. james Smith says:

    Perhaps this will help put you back in the Crimble Spirit


  2. Michael Reintjes says:

    great stories…the insurance less buffoon will have a bad Christmas. 5000 dollar fine for driving without insurance for starters…..

  3. Paul R Martin says:

    The spirit of generosity is alive in the Liberal Party. The Globe and Mail has a story about Justin Trudeau’s efforts to help Dryden and Kennedy pay off their leadership debts. I feel sorry for the two of them. They are both decent people. Running for party leadership is expensive.

  4. JenS says:

    I really liked the way the Peterborough guy handled himself through this — did what he thought was right, despite knowing the league could come down on him, then took his punishment, feeling confident he was doing the right thing. Impressive. Love how the OMHA guy had lots to say when the punishment was doled out, then nothing to say when it was reversed.

    As for the councillor, he should be apologizing, not just for the slur, but for what he was implying about the owner of the property.

  5. Shaun says:

    Where are all the free-speechers telling us that it should their right to call a kid the N-word?

  6. J. Coates says:

    Be glad it you weren’t a pedestrian creamed by a bike courier. Got clobbered on the sidewalk and he took off. The two bicycle coppers across the street didn’t even twitch.

  7. Is there any name or slur that a player who belongs to a “visible minority”(or maybe one who doesn’t…as in “white” girl/boy) could ever call a “caucasian” hockey player that would get the reaction(media and public) that this one did??
    There seems to be much more furor over this than any head shot,knee on knee,hit on the numbers or hockey fight,ever recorded.
    Does this make a lot of sense or is it overreaction due to today’s political correctness??
    In 40 plus years of playing hockey,I have been called a lot of different names and been threatened with physical pain more times than I care to remember….and I have the scars that go along with it.
    I never felt the need to report these incidences to either the ref. or my coach.
    Now it seems that players can’t wait to report it when some idiot calls them a #$%&* in the heat of a hockey(or any other sport)game.Why??

  8. Nasty Bob says:

    I have nothing to say except I just noticed the captcha code for this post is ” elfs”
    Christmas spirit is breaking out all over the place

  9. J. Coates says:

    I play pickup hockey once a week. We all know each other and the language and slurs used would burn many a prude’s ears. But all is meant in good fun. One of our regulars is a Sikh who keeps calling me “pink skin.” He’s a Star Trek Enterprise freak. We actually had one female spectator freak out and start yelling at us. Her husband, a player, was very embarrassed and said she ain’t watchin’ no more.

  10. Hmmmm……two hours and only one response to my comments and questions.
    That is surprising.
    Is it that no “caucasian” player has ever been “slurred” or is it that any and all verbal abuse is OK as long as it is directed at this one highly visible race in our country?
    Just wondering…….

    • Jon A says:

      I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make, but since you seem DESPERATE to get a rise out of someone tonight before the solstice my advice to you would be to conduct a field experiment. Tell your “caucasian” kid to drop an n-bomb on or otherwise “slur” another player’s kid while they’re playing soccer or what-have-you and, when your asked to make your kid apologize, just repeat what you’ve been posting in the comments section here. Let us know how it turns out, ‘kay?

      • I’m not desparate to do anything.I’m simply suggesting(by a question) that perhaps tolerance is a bit of a one-way street in our (oh so) politically correct modern day society.
        Am I wrong?
        Quite a field experiment…..tell my kid to slur “another player’s kid”.Kind of confusing,although I’m sure you didn’t mean it the way you wrote it.

    • Robin says:

      Why is it surprising? I don’t think anyone here wants to make up justifications to make it alright to call children by the N-word, except yourself.

    • JenS says:

      Would it make you happy for me to say that no racial slur is acceptable, on the playing field or anywhere else? Would that solve your deep-seated concern on this issue? Because frankly, that’s how I feel about it.

      And it’s not just about it being a racist comment. There isn’t room for abusive commentary during sporting events or any other event. (This from a woman whose husband played Junior C hockey — the pit of the cheap shot — and who grew up in small-town Ontario, spending much of my time in arenas. And so it continues — I’m in arenas in small-town Ontario multiple times a week with my son now.) When there is such abuse, there need to be repercussions, and in this instances, the repercussions doled out by the kid’s coach were simply not appropriate or sufficient. Let’s face it — most of these kids are playing to get into the NHL. They’re playing because it’s fun, and helps with physical fitness, and playing on a team provides all sorts of opportunities to learn — including to learn that making racist or otherwise abusive cracks is not OK.

  11. Mark says:

    Hey Warren – how about this tool?
    I’m coaching my girl on a co-ed team and if some idiot pulled this I’d sure be pissed off.
    Happy Christmas to you and the munchkins

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