12.15.2010 06:04 PM

Tim Hudak, electrifying speaker

Watch the guy on the right.  What a classic.

I mean, I knew he was a Plan Free Zone™, but I didn’t think his own caucus felt the same way!


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    Robin says:

    In all fairness to Tim the No Plan Man, BBs have some strange effect on us that we would tune out important things just to check whatever made the stupid little device vibrate. For some, it would seem, nothing could stop the draw of a little noise or vibration from one’s BB. You could be having a stroke or a heart attack and still want to check your email if it vibrated in the middle of such a crisis.

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      Warren says:

      Maybe. But not a good idea when you are on TV, standing behind your “leader” at a press conference!

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        Cath says:

        Every day on Question Period you can see half a dozen folks who should be paying attention doing exactly the same thing….on television.
        Same with Ottawa. Actually I caught two MP (from different parties) with their laptops open on their desks as the person in front of them delivered a member’s statement.
        Have watched both MPPs and MPs writing their Christmas cards on television too.
        No big wow – most bookends at pressers already know what the message is anyway.
        Pretending to be interested and nodding at the right time is also bad acting…..kind of like the seat fillers do in Ottawa. They pretend we don’t notice them slinking in behind or beside whoever’s speaking….but we see everything.

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    JenS says:

    Well, at least John didn’t leap up and flip the bird. That wouldn’t have been completely out of character.

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    allegra fortissima says:

    Who on Earth would resist the temptation of a Rubus Fruticosus, honestly…

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    Iris Mclean says:

    I recall watching Tony Clement looking over Harper`s shoulder at a press conference a year or so ago. Tony was 100% attentive, smiled when it was appropriate, frowned when it was appropriate, and gazed with admiration at the side of Harper`s head and clapped enthusiastically at the conclusion. It`s true that he looked like a cross between a trained monkey and a goldfish, and it was hilarious to watch, but at least he was on the job and giving it his all. Timmy for sure needs to find background faces that are at least awake and attentive.

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    MetaKaizen says:

    Maybe he was expecting a booty call. Then again, if the BB is in your front pocket, and on vibrate, all calls are quite literally booty calls.

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    Peter says:

    If Tim has nothing good to say then how come Dwight Duncan stole his idea to reign in costs at all of these boards and agencies the day after he anounced it ?

    Its going to take more than a gaff on youtube for Mcgunity to win a 3rd term . If Rob Ford can beat Smitherman and the big red machine in Toronto I think Tim can at least hold the Liberals to a minority .

    These full day kindergarten and after school daycare programs sound great but at what cost ? If we keep going into debt to pay for it then Ontario could become Greece of the great lakes and these same kids will have to pay for the full cost of everything after grade 10 .

    I think a great promise for either one of these guys , should they have the guts to make it , would be to outlaw the practice of sending garbage to the States . Ontario is spending millions of dollars to do this . That money should stay here in Ontario .

    There are lots of places to bury waste in Ontario , whats lacking is the political will .

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      Dave says:

      Send the trash and the money up north to us! Somebody will take it, and we’ve got tons of room.

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        Peter says:

        Exactly . In these tough economic times somebody would welcome this as a source of income .This money should not be leaving the country and getting it onto railcars would take trucks of the road and be a lot better for the environment .I think the trucks still have a 3 hour drive once they hit the border .

        Many people are speculating that the next big economic cirsis will be a global credit crunch on government debt . If the government of Ontario suddenly found itself not being able to sell bonds or borrow money , Then the next day Ontario will be a radically different place .

        Don’t believe it could happen ? Ask yourself if 10 – 20 years ago , when you were complaining about Quebec and the people down east taking your tax dollars , if you could imagine Ontario becomming a have-not province ?

        We are all glad that Canada’s economy is in much better shape than most of the world but the problem with this is we are not having the debates that others are having regarding government spending .

        We should be cutting proactivly not waiting another 1- 5 yrs and then having the IMF roll into Queenspark .

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          JenS says:

          If you look at the position US municipalities who did take trash, but stopped, find themselves in, now that they’ve lost the $$$ brought in by accepting garbage and have to look to the tax levy to pay the bills, it becomes clear accepting trash really can be a money-maker. But try to find a place in Ontario where public outcry won’t stop it from coming in. It’s a little double-edged.

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            Conservative Peter says:

            The deal that would have seen The GTA send its garbage up north wasn’t apposed by the people in that town , it was from people downstream and from native groups that influenced Toront city council.

            I’m just throwing it there , wondering if the Province has the guts to do what will have to be done in the next 5 years .

            We won’t be able to fix things with tax increases . Revenue drops was you cross a certain point . I think Mcgunity has back over it .

            Another poker lottery won’t do it either .

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    Paul says:

    seriously? are you guys children? is this what political discourse is all about? no wonder it’s such a cynical world

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    nic coivert says:

    Hudak has that tune-out factor; as soon as he starts speaking people tune-out. Very boring.

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    Harith says:

    Every time I see him I think Michael Keaton wants to become our Premier.

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    jake the snake says:

    It was probably his wife telling him not to forget to pick up some milk on the way home. And how Tim is only going to make the cost of milk go up.

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