12.03.2010 07:17 AM

Words to live by

“The vast majority of Ontarians would agree that attacking somebody’s family is across the line.”

“Look, we need a new kind of politics, a better kind of politics, a politics that relies not on spite and spin but on civility and common purpose. That’s what’s demanded of us.”

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    MississaugaPeter says:

    There was a reason that Ignatieff never became Liberal leader in 2006.

    What the Conservatives are advertising may irk Ignatieff and my fellow Liberals, but what do they
    expect? This is friggin’ politics twenty-first century style.

    The Liberals should be advertising the many great prime ministers who were not even born in Canada. The Liberals should be advertising and countering so the Conservative ads come across as an attack on first generation Canadians. The tie in between living your life outside Canada and first generation Canadians is not a stretch. As an immigrant myself, that’s how I feel when I hear those attacks on Ignatieff.

    Now onto the problem of writings and video where Ignatieff appears to denounce his Canadian citizenship. Mr. Know-It-All can’t help. Other than to say you must some how find something worse in your opponent and make it stick.

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