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…then I guess one’s own record on treatment of women should be spotless, eh?


  1. Are you referring the Liberal track record of 13 years in courts fighting pay equity which the Conservative Government settled with $ 2.5 billion payout?

  2. Cath says:

    Ooops – looks like Michael Ignatieff’s begun his official climb-down on the budget here:


    • Namesake says:

      Oops — looks like reporters and headline writers keep selectively hearing and torquing up or down what they wanted to hear, to try to create some sort of horse-race drama where there really is none.

      Ignatieff’s been saying all along since these Christmas interviews that he’s going to wait and see what’s actually in the budget first before deciding whether to support it. E.g., an article from Dec. 26 reported — more accurately:

      “When he was asked Sunday if he is willing to bring down the Harper government if the budget does not reflect Liberal priorities, he replied: ‘Of course, yes.’ But the Liberal Leader held open the possibility that he might also support the Conservative financial plan. ‘Let me read the thing first,’ he said. ‘I am not like Mr. Layton who votes for things before he has even read it.'”


  3. The Doctor says:

    Just on the content of Taber’s article: I can see the LPC having some success with this line of attack. I think it’s a logical sort of ballot question for the Liberals to promote, given the current political context. If they can really, vocally get that “fighter planes and prisons” thing out into the public consciousness, it could resonate with the potential universe of Liberal voters, especially that female demographic that Taber’s talking about.

    I agree with those pundits who say that you can’t write the LPC or Ignatieff off when we’re between elections and most ordinary Canadians (unlike the political junkies on this comment board) are not paying attention to politics. In the concentrated heat of an election campaign, I think the LPC still has a fair chance, if they play their cards right. I don’t think most Canadians are as left-leaning as some LPC partisans seem to think, but I also think a lot of centrist Canadians could be receptive to the sort of narrative Iggy is articulating here.

  4. Dr.Dawg says:

    That was a $3 billion payout, forced by a Liberal-appointed judge well before the Harper regime came to power.

    But no matter. Iggy threw pay equity on the bonfire later for reasons of political expediency. He doesn’t have a principled bone in his body.

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