01.16.2011 06:15 AM

John Snobelen’s losing it!

Here.  Fun (and funny) column.

In fact, my fiend Snobelen is paying for it – when he takes me to lunch later this week, that is.


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    Mike says:

    “…my fiend…”, Freudian slip or intentional?

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    Mulletaur says:

    He is indeed your “fiend”.

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    allegra fortissima says:

    “…my fiend…”, Warren doesn’t have any relationship with Dr. Freud. It’s simply incorrect German spelling, should say: “feind”.

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    Lipman says:


    “Shortly after his appointment, Snobelen was filmed arguing that the PC government needs to “bankrupt” and to create a “useful crisis” in the education system so as to initiate significant reforms’

    Nuff Said.

    Instead of writing Howard Beale screeds for the Sun, perhaps Snobelen should attend a private school of his choice and finish his high school education.

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      Bill King says:

      Yup, if he’d finished high school he might not have had to work well into his late 30s before retiring as a multi-millionaire.


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    Mr. Chamberlain says:

    Hey, at least he spelled your name right, Warren. Thank him for propelling you further.

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    Oscar says:

    Warren, how do you respond to Snobelen’s accusation that the Chretien/Martin governments ignored the Kyoto Accord GHG targets that must be met by early 2012 as a matter of international treaty?

    I believe Suzuki is saying that Canada must meet it’s Kyoto Treaty obligations in 2012…as well as Ignatieff, Rae and Dion. Where do you stand on this issue? Thanks.

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    Tim says:

    Honestly, a really weak column, I found.

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    new says:

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    they need to hire expert to made temporary solution and long term solution to prevent this too




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