01.20.2011 10:03 AM

One from the Speechie Archives

I love it when the National Post editorial board lectures folks about free speech.

Among other things, it allows me to haul out gems like this from the archive.  And it allows the rest of us to wonder if their unflagging enthusiasm for the concept is, well, rather selective:

Fw: Dream Team‏
From: Kay, Jonathan (National Post) (jkay@nationalpost.com)
Sent: December 20, 2006 12:05:35 PM
To: wkinsella@hotmail.com

Warren – we can’t run your column. We’re not in the business of praising the likes of Rick Salutin, tremonti, etc. I checked with doug and it’s a no-go. Sorry
In lieu, how about the topic below?

—–Original Message—–
From: McParland, Kelly (National Post)
To: Kay, Jonathan (National Post)
Sent: Wed Dec 20 09:46:04 2006
Subject: Dream Team

I’ve been trying to interest Don Martin in a column about the Liberal “Dream Team.”

So, party policy is now in the hands of Bob Rae and Scott Brison — an NDP premier and former Tory clearly having the inside track on what makes good Liberal policy. And Dion has Ignatieff as the party’s No. 2 — a guy who is clearly still practising for another leadership run and fundamentally disagrees with Dion on the Afghanistan mission, not to mention most other foreign policy positions.

This is the Dream Team? And Cdn voters are supposed to be excited by a bunch of retreads who bored them thru an interminable leadership campaign?

Unfortunately I haven’t succeeded — Don is going off to climb Mt Kilimanjaro and his brain isn’t in this country at the moment. I don’t suppose Coyne would be interested? Just seems like an opportunity that’s too good to ignore…


  1. Vankleek Hill says:

    You’re being disingenuous Kinsella. They are against government legislated censorship. Private publications are free to print and not print pieces at their discretion. You know this of course.

    If The Toronto Star doesn’t want to print an article praising Ezra Levant, does that make them anti-free speech?

  2. Namesake says:

    I thought it was pretty rich for the Minister to be riding that high horse, too, when he was on P&P getting all indignant about this, considering how close they came to pulling the plug on a public performance that the, er, Q-M-an-I-an embassy took exception to, this summer (but ultimately decided not to, given how it blew up in their face after cutting the QC arts subsidies in 2008).

    Terrorist play prompts political debate

    Feds scrambled for response to terror play

  3. billg says:

    I’m givin that round to Vankleek Hill, which, by the way is an Eastern Ontario hidden gem!!

  4. Vankleek Hill says:

    Nice argument Warren, way to debate the facts. You have my email address, so I’m not totally anonymous.

    Hell my name is Dan Sullivan of Vancouver, if you need to know. I’m not a big shot insider, so go ahead and dismiss me.

  5. Vankleek Hill says:

    Thanks Bill. And thanks for the praise to Vankleek Hill.

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