01.24.2011 08:07 AM

Q and A on Q

Old Grit pal Terry Fallis and I are on with Jian Ghomeshi this morning…to discuss scandalous political secrets!

Not sure when it’s being broadcast, but apparently it is.


  1. allegra fortissima says:

    If you listen first class, you hear first class (inspired by Jian)

    Great radio show!

  2. Winston Higgs says:

    The YouTube freeze-frame is ridiculously funny! Jian is no doubt looking at his nervous and apologetic producer and thinking something like, “The next time you let a schmuck in here with a video camera, I am gonna teach you some words in Persian that’ll make Billy Bob Thorton blush!”

  3. Namesake says:

    More conbot Lies, indeed.

    “Sandra” sounds a lot like the Mole that-keeps-needing- a’ Whacking, Observant et al., again.

    Sure, Ignatieff said “we” / “us” etc. a lot when talking to an American audience, probably so as not to put them off when making a point.

    But he is not and never was an American citizen. And he told the nation that clearly in a 2006 interview with Peter Newman:

    “I shouldn’t have used the ‘we.’ I’m not and have never been and will never be an American citizen, so I shouldn’t have done that. Sometimes you want to increase your influence over your audience by appropriating their voice, but it was a mistake. Every single one of the students from 85 countries who took my courses at Harvard knew one thing about me: I was that funny Canadian.”


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