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OMG this is so awesome.


  1. JenS says:

    Can’t. Wait.

    I have a group of girlfriends I visit fairly regularly in the States. I can’t tell you how often they’ve picked me up at the airport, in an array of cities, and whisked me immediately to the nearest Target.

  2. Andrew says:

    I will only be awesome if they bring the same brands as they do in the US to Canada. Otherwise….meh!

  3. James Bow says:

    Zellers is a good fit for Target (they seem to be two stores that diverged in a yellow wood), and I can see the stores prospering under the Target banner. Target is also a good corporate citizen and I have no qualms about shopping there, as I do with Walmart. And any company investing so heavily in Canadian stock is good news, so, I think this is good news.

    Still, I’m a little surprised at how many fans Target so clearly has here. Could you enlighten me? What makes you like Target so much?

    • Warren says:

      Deals! Style! Fun!

      Christ, I’m starting to sound like an ad copy writer.

      • JenS says:

        I’m with Warren. They have house-brand shoes for kids made by Stride-Rite, but priced at a fraction of the name-brand. Same with Carter’s stuff. When my kids were babies, I would stock up there. They tend to make good deals with good quality names, and then sell them at no-name prices. I hope that carries over into Canada.

  4. CQ says:

    Sez a guy who works for protected from open competition, and foreign investment, Canadian media companies. Tell me when any of the charter banks or CTVglobemedia, Shaw/Canwest, SunMedia Astral Media types are allowed to freely fall into int’l ownership.
    I’ll miss the reliable Zellers brand as Wal*mart Canada hasn’t been what it was since before its food selling re-focus. Heck, I still miss the former Woolco chain and its flat escalators.

  5. wes werkman says:

    I am concerned that the name of this company is inappropriate in our country and could cause unspeakable acts as seen south of the border recently.

  6. jbro says:

    hate to rain on yr pride – i mean parade –


    i don’t go to bigboxes anyhow, but does this type of activity stop anyone who does from going?

    • Ginger says:

      Thanks for posting the link, it was what I got on here to do. I can’t believe we’re promoting or celebrating the incoming of a corporation who has made donations / has ties to people and organizations that are fundamentally against basic human rights we take for granted in Canada.

      • Warren says:

        Yeah, like the Democratic Party. They’re one of the DNC’s biggest corporate donors.

        WalMart, where you likely shop, busts unions and donates hugely to the GOP.

        • Ginger says:

          I have shopped at WalMart exactly twice in my entire life and it was under great duress. Because of their union busting and their treatment of female employees. I try, with whatever knowledge I do have, to spend my money at businesses who don’t promote or encourage bigotry. I’m not a dirty unwashed hippie with both too much money and too much idealism, I merely find it amusing to see such excitement over a corporation coming to town who spend a lot of money on candidates who are bigots, homophobes, and against values many Canadians hold dear.

          Additionally, I didn’t know they were getting a pass because they donate to the DNC. Does this mean I get a pass if I support the Klan but continue to donate money as well to a mainstream political party? Wait, I won’t support the Klan, but instead donate both money to completely offensive candidates and then to the NDP or Liberals.

        • jbro says:

          i was in a target once, and it seemed pretty swell for that type of thing. i just posted that link because a few of my friends have concerns, and thought someone might want to know.

          i’m not suggesting anyone go or not go to target, just curious about where the line is for others; i spend money in my neighbourhood because a) it’s easier b) i like to support my local small businesses, i think they make my little corner of the world a little better, and i know them. much of the stuff i buy from them, however, is made by big corps.

          i’m sure being the ceo of a multinational entails loads of contradiction, and so does being a customer for that matter.

  7. allegra fortissima says:

    What an exciting enterprise!

    The tight-assed rolling in the snow, I mean

  8. Art Williams says:

    Target is great. Who gives a rat’s a** who the owners are.

  9. WesternGrit says:

    From the land of Fargo… (the movie)… Ahhh… Target.

    Spent many an impoverished college day at the Targets in Minot, Bismarck, and Fargo, ND, and Minneapolis, MN. Still, I’m not one to go to “big boxes” that often. I refuse to go to Walmart. Target’s a little more progressive. Part of the Target/Daytons/Hudson chain out of Minneapolis.

    Just a few weeks ago, wife and I were South of the border. We had bought a gift for someone in another store (Macy’s), and rambled over to the Target for scotch tape and wrap. We found the tape priced at $0.75 for 3 full rolls on dispensers (a ridiculous deal – probably something to do with the cozy relationship between Target and Minn-based 3M, the makers of Scotch tape). We went to check out, and noticed the lady in front of us with about 20 of these 3-packs. It turned out each pack had a $1 full cash value coupon on it… We actually were paid 25 cents/pack by Target to take the tape off their hands!!!

    Wish it were iPads, now that I think back… sigh…

  10. Reid says:

    Or “Cible” in Quebec.

  11. Steve T says:

    Love Target. How can a discount store be so dis-similar to Wal-Mart? When I go into a Wal-Mart, I cringe at the experience. Target is just a world apart, in so many ways. One only hopes we get “Super-Target” locations as well – they have a grocery section that puts most Loblaws to shame.

  12. Mr. Chamberlain says:

    More stuff enroute to our oceans. We have to change.


  13. Lipman says:

    Last summer, my girlfriend and I took a trip to Florida and went to Target just about every night after Disney. I must say, I love the place.

  14. new says:

    GOOD new news

    If Target able to buy Loblaw
    and get rid of Galen Weston jr and sr.
    out of food industry with Allan Leighton

    who corrupted the all food and made them billionaire of steal people business

    we defiantly support the Target too

    They need to have halal food too

    make sure NO mark of Crescent food Alsafa food and ISNA and IFANCA

    made sure never hire any corrupted senior employee of Loblaw companies too

    made sure Target never hire any senior employee of Walmart or Sobeys or Metro food basic store

    make sure not hired Piller corrupted food make sure not work with Maple lodge food or Maple leaf food

    then we can conclude they are in right path

    Keep contacting source of food in Canada today is problems so as people who support them

    Target need to have financial company replace pc financial company as well or Weston corrupted company soon

    give right moragage to home owner need 2 to 5% maximum





    can we trust conservative promises?

    debt is high and sales is down and market is dead market
    people immigration down to hell
    motivation is not there
    people scare risk doing bigger business
    not good moragage company here

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