02.14.2011 11:26 PM

Apology by M. J. Sheppard


  1. Namesake says:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, from your latest suitor!

  2. bigcitylib says:

    I’d wondered how that one worked out.

  3. JenS says:

    Uh, I think he repeated the libel in the apology. But, an apology’s an apology …

  4. Neil says:

    I don’t know the specifics of this one, but I’m glad that this sort of legal action isn’t common in the blogosphere.

  5. Warren Manley says:

    Unfortunately this will not help Mr Sheppard in avoiding criminal charges for some stunts, including criminal defamation, stalking and harassment that he pulled a while ago with someone in the US. We’re looking forward to meeting you Mr Sheppard. 🙂

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